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Out with the old and in with the new

By Danny Hanlon, UK COO, Granite & TREND Transformations

With summer approaching, homeowners are starting to think about making those changes around the home that have been niggling away during the winter. Big decisions like a bathroom or kitchen makeover are usually tempered with thoughts of chaos, debris, dirt and inconvenience. They can now have a kitchen makeover in one day which will also save all the hassle, time and general disruption that a traditional kitchen refit brings.

Choosing a company that specialises in kitchen and bathroom make-overs will ensure the traditional stress of demolition is avoided. People who like the layout of their current set up, but want a totally new look can opt for a more eco-friendly and sustainable choice by re-purposing the existing layout and remodelling with new worktops that fit over the existing surface. Replacing all the cupboard and cabinet doors with one of the many fresh new designs and choices available, also helps create a brand new look and feel.

One of the major reasons people put off upgrading their kitchen or bathroom is the realisation that there will be several days or even weeks where their life is turned upside down while a team of fitters and electricity and gas specialists sets about gutting what could be a fully functioning kitchen. The disturbance to everyday life seems endless.

Quartz, porcelain, granite, recycled glass and mosaic surfaces can totally transform a tired kitchen and be totally useable the following day. This can be achieved while retaining the existing skeletal structure of the original cabinet frames underneath. Unique products are now available that are durable and hardwearing with the same quality, look and feel of traditional heavy Quartz but are, in fact, only a few millimetres thick. These worktops fit over the existing surface like a glove, giving a stunning new surface that is comparable to its heavier counterpart. This isn’t a flimsy skin; it is as tough as a full replacement worktop with additional benefits. Stain, scratch and heat-resistant, they also contain a special sealing formula that prevents the need for any sort of maintenance or resealing in the future, unlike traditional quartz and marble which needs an ongoing maintenance programme to keep the surfaces sealed and protected. The thinner lighter tops also consume less raw materials and leave less of a carbon footprint from a logistical point, as transporting the tops has a much-reduced load, meaning less fuel is burnt in the transportation process.

Repurposing an existing kitchen framework is also landfill-friendly and a sustainable use of units that are perfectly functional. The addition of new doors along with a new worktop that fits over the existing surface will transform your kitchen in as little a day. 

In the 21st century, companies need to make a commitment to implementing real-world processes that protect and preserve the planet’s resources. Key to ecological direction is the belief that great style and beauty does not have to be sacrificed in the pursuit of corporate responsibility. Innovative worktops and surfaces, such as those in the Origina™ portfolio, require less raw material and incorporate both geological spoil, recycled glass and recycled porcelain from bathroom products that would otherwise be sent to landfill. Continuous development of new product lines has set industry benchmarks for the use of recycled content in products with some tiles and worktops reaching levels as high as 72%.

So, for the customer who wants a bespoke product with sleek design and a show-home finish, fitted quickly, with substantially less waste and disruption, while reducing the stresses on the environment; remodelling a kitchen seems the obvious answer.

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