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Abode, award-winning designer and distributor of market leading kitchen taps, sinks, Pronteau instant hot water taps, bathroom taps & showering solutions is thrilled to receive brand recognition at six prestigious awards for several key product innovations, and its ongoing commitment to identifying, assessing, and addressing environmental, social and governance. This year, Abode is pleased to share the following 2023 awards highlights: • BiKBBI Awards 2023 – Finalist for ‘Environmental Champion of the Year’ • SBID International Design Awards - Finalist for Pronteau HotKey® ‘KBB Product’ • BKU Awards 2023 - Nominated for ‘Best Tap Brand’ and ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Award’ • KBB Focus Awards & Celebration 2023 – Finalist for ‘UWLA Sustainability Initiative of the Year’ • Energy Saving Awards 2023 - Shortlisted for Naturalé, ‘Water Saving Domestic Product of the Year’ • Designerati Awards 2023 - Finalist for Althia Colours, Innovation LONGLIST ‘Kitchen Product of the Year’ Leanne Stansfield, Marketing Manager at Abode says, “To be recognised on such a prestigious scale is extremely rewarding for the entire Abode family, especially given the large cross-section of awards and categories that have shortlisted our brand and products in support of our green credentials, water conservation and design innovation in 2023. We are committed to bringing high quality, energy-efficient brassware to the kitchen and bathroom, which is why receiving such commendable votes of confidence from the likes of SBID, is proof that our sustained product development and investment in sustainability is helping to position us uniquely in the marketplace.” Abode is proud to have a trio of kitchen taps named finalist at three separate awards. Each product up for an award is new to market in 2023, and includes the company’s steaming, stylish and safe Pronteau HotKey® collection of 4 IN 1 instant hot water taps, eco friendly Naturalé Aquifier water filter tap with big conscience and minimal impact to the home and planet, and innovative Althia Colours single lever mixer taps in four contemporary shades: Terracotta, Nude, Scandi Grey, and White. The SBID International Design Awards has named Pronteau HotKey® as a ‘KBB Product’ finalist, having undergone a thorough three-tier judging process by panels of leading industry experts, as well as a public vote. The winners will be revealed on Friday, 3rd November 2023 at The Landmark London and will be another opportunity for Abode to highlight the virtues of Pronteau HotKey®, which include the new ProBoil.4E ultra compact boiler that holds an incredible 4 Litres and safe, controlled access to steaming hot filtered water using its patented HotKey® sensor technology and control fob. The Designerati Awards 2023 celebrates another key product launch for Abode, as Althia Colours is named a finalist on the Innovation LONGLIST up for ‘Kitchen Product of the Year’. Offering a range of contemporary shades for one of its signature kitchen tap families, Althia Colours capture the latest interior styles and colour trends, which are helping to define the UK kitchen space and inspire more exclusive wet zone designs. Toasting the very best in design and innovation, the winners will be announced at Wembley Stadium on Wednesday, 22nd November 2023. Sustainability means more to Abode than just ‘green’ products and to demonstrate, it has created a comprehensive sustainability report in support of its ongoing ESG strategy to reduce and offset its emissions. This year, the KBB Focus Awards & Celebration 2023 recognise this huge level of green investment by Abode and name it a finalist for ‘UWLA Sustainability Initiative of the Year’. From the installation of on site solar energy, and electrification of the company vehicle fleet through to the creation of a detailed sustainability report and being certified as a carbon netural business, 2023 is testament to both brand and business, and its ongoing commitment to greeer living. Winners will be announced on Monday, 30th November 2023 at The Brewery in London. In line with the company’s focus on sustainability, the Naturalé Aquifier water filter tap by Abode is in the running for ‘Water Saving Domestic Product of the Year’ at this year’s Energy Saving Awards. Truly a tap for the ages, Naturalé is specially designed to deliver filtered water alongside regular hot and cold, to present a green tap solution for the modern kitchen with cold start valve integration to reduce the home’s energy waste and 5Lp/m flow limiter that uses up to 97% less water per minute without a drop in pressure! The winners will be announced on Friday, 1st December 2023 at Park Plaza, London Riverbank. In addition to above, the BiKBBI Awards 2023 also named Abode as a finalist for ‘Environmental Champion of the Year’ regarding its ongoing commitment to reducing single use plastic in the home regarding its exclusive Filter Recycle Scheme. Offering UK customers extra peace of mind by ensuring redundant filters are recycled at the point of the product’s end of life, this service is 100% unique to Abode in the industry and proves that recyclable solutions are a great way to make a difference. The BKU Awards 2023 also nominated Abode this year industry peers recommend the company for ‘Best Tap Brand’ and the ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Award’, and Leanne says, “To even be nominated, let alone named as a finalist is such an achievement and we hope for winning results in 23’, and a positive outcome from all 2024 entries currently in the pipeline!” Images: • Left: Naturalé Aquifier Water Filter Tap in Matt Black with FSC® certified beech wood handle, £589 • Middle: Althia Colours Single Lever Mixer Tap in Scandi Grey, £269 • Right: Pronteau HotKey® Profile 3-part 4 IN 1 Instant Hot Water Tap in Antique Brass, £1349 For further information, please contact Abode: t 01226 283 434 | e info@abodedesigns.co.uk | w www.abodedesigns.co.uk and www.pronteau.co.uk | For the latest brand news, please follow Abode on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn #WaterTheWayYouWantIt