Axiom® worktop collection by Formica Group

Axiom® worktop collection from Formica Group

Formica Group’s new premium range of design-led worktops – the Axiom® worktop Collection – includes twenty new and exclusive decors, 13 new feature splashbacks and three new textures.

Launching in October 2020, the details have been revealed as Formica Group prepares to unveil an ultra-premium, refreshed and refined collection for one of the market’s most recognisable worktop brands. A selection of lighter woods, stones and slates have been added to meet growing demand for enriched yet timeless designs.

 Each introduction has been made after an extensive customer feedback and research programme was complemented by industry-leading knowledge and key trend analysis from Formica Group’s team of product and design experts.   Among the other innovations in the launch will be 22mm square edges, 38mm square edges and 38mm profiled edges, giving homeowners the best-of-the-best in this perfectly curated selection to achieve the exact look they desire.


The full launch of the new Axiom® worktop Collection will include:

  • 20 new cutting edge decors including urban designs such as concretes and subtle plaster effects; authentic classic, oaks and grey-toned woods; and feature decors based on original abstract patterns and designs.
  • 3 new premium textures inspired by ultra-matte trends, woodgrains and stones, bringing each decor to life with added tactility and remarkable interplays with light.
  • 13 new feature splashbacks in vibrant on-trend and tonal decors such as Terrazzos and Herringbones, providing a range of memorable finishes and styling options.
  • 50 matching splashbacks, ensuring every Axiom worktop can be matched and consumers have the opportunity to enjoy a seamless, fluid and monolithic look across their kitchens.
  • The Collection is perfectly matched with decors available in either 22mm or 38mm thickness.
  • Available as an elegant square edge or curved profile, depending on design.
Axiom® Worktop Collection Formica Group

Nina Bailey, Formica Group Design Manager, has describes the new Axiom Collection as a defining moment in kitchen design. She said: “The new Axiom Collection perfectly captures the key trends of kitchen design for both now and the future, with an emphasis on nature and the outside world clear to see.”

“Coupled with this are a selection of new intricate and abstract patterns which allow you to add individuality and unique style to the kitchen, while the feature splashbacks offer a new varied solid colour palette of truly stunning muted and delicate tones combined with moody rich hues.”

“Whether you’re looking for the sophistication and elegance of veined marbles and classic granites, or the modern aesthetics of urban concrete and feature woods, Axiom has the answer.”

“We all know that the kitchen is the hub of the modern home. It is a multifunctional space for working, playing, dining and relaxing. Thanks to Axiom, it has never been better served.”

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About Formica Group

Formica Group globally leads the industry in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative surfacing products for commercial and residential applications.  Formica® laminate is the ‘original’, with over 100 years of design and product innovation and manufacturing experience. Durable, easy to clean and resistant to impact, heat and scratches, Formica laminate requires minimal maintenance. Resistant to humidity, it can be also steam cleaned or disinfected with no adverse effects. Typical applications include wall panelling, doors, cubicles, furniture, worktops and more.   Manufactured by Formica Group in the UK, the Axiom by Formica Group collection offers a comprehensive range of laminate worktops, upstands and splashbacks. Axiom by Formica Group has established itself as the leading choice for kitchen designers, planners and home renovators.   The Axiom range includes granite, wood, stone, plain and subtle patterned designs in a range of stunning colours, nine premium surface textures and two profiles.    All 60 decors in the Axiom range are available as worktops, breakfast bars and as matching upstands. Selected decors are also available as matching splashbacks and in addition, there are nine complementary splashbacks.   Formica Prima® offers the latest in design trends. The range includes worktops, breakfast bars, splashbacks and upstands in a range of colours and patterns including woods, marbles, granites and stones.   All of Formica Group’s European manufacturing sites and distribution centres received accreditation by the internationally-recognised Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified laminates from leading accreditation body, BM TRADA.  


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