Green Appeal

Benetti Home delivers ‘green appeal’ for dining spaces

Moss walls and vertical gardens can give a fresh vibrant look to a bar or a restaurant, creating a unique interior with a touch of greenery.

Benetti Home Green
Reykjavik Iceland – Cafè Paris

Benetti Home is a young and dynamic Italian company, that has developed products with unique characteristics, both from a technical point of view and for aesthetic impact.

Benetti MOSS in restaurants and bars

Each space curated by Benetti Home is unique with its own personality. Benetti Home offers versatile products from lush gardens to simple yet elegant moss walls with a wide range of color options. Benetti MOSS is a zero-maintenance vertical garden with stabilized lichen that is easy to manage and install. Moreover, it can be installed during the design of a project or in spaces already furnished.

Green walls for a new look

A vertical garden can help to give form to a restaurant shaping its identity. This original use of greenery works well when combined with lighting.

For more information please contact Mrs. Vittoria Vicini – or ph. +39 023450610

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