Bold interiors gets green light

2022 has seen our taste bloom into a resurgence of self-expression and as we move further into the new year, interiors are becoming more natural – with green very much at the forefront of this new trend.

This new wave of embracing shades of green has come from our reinspired love of nature. People are utilising different tones to reinvigorate spaces and create calming environments, which has resonated deeply with many over the past year or so.

With studies showing that time spent in the great outdoors brings numerous health benefits, including stress reduction and increased productivity, the interiors industry has been quick to incorporate natural light and utilise all forms of green, such as plants, furniture, and bold wall colours to make a health-conscious statement within the home.

For Colourtrend, a leading paint company, its contemporary collection provides an accent of colour through dark greens to match any taste or current trend.

Dervla Farrell, a colour consultant at Colourtrend, said: “Dark green has become a multi-faceted shade in the interior’s world over the last two years due to its rise in popularity. Dark Green enriches the home, creates depth, and brings a sense of calm into your space.

“Depending on the shade you choose, dark green can uplift a room through its richness and abundant hue. It can also provide grand luxurious sophistication, adding splashes of darkness to balance out any space within the home.

“For those keen to bring the outdoors in, Colourtrend has provided a number of ways to create that perfect blend of colour and tone within the home, incorporating dark greens and the latest trends for the year.”


Stylish interior design of living room at cozy apartment with stylish sofa, plants, design furnitures, decoration and elegant accessories. Mock up poster frames on the shelf. Home staging.

Colour- Historic Collection (Paneling) and Foraging, Contemporary Collection (Walls)

Whether you are completely redecorating or simply want to refresh the look of your favourite room, accent walls are a popular means of adding depth and dimension to an area. Dark greens are extremely versatile shades and will complement brass, blacks, browns and natural woods beautifully, meaning these shades work particularly well as an accent or feature colour.

Introducing a forest green which adds an accent of colour into your home will add a sophisticated touch to your space. An accent wall can enhance the features of a room and direct attention to architectural elements of your home. Take a look at Colourtrend’s top tips for feature walls to find out more about introducing an accent colour in your home –


Stylish and modern sunny bedroom with small wooden table , white bedding and colours pilows. Space with blue walls and brown wooden parquet.

Colour- Sweet Caper, Contemporary Collection (Main Walls) and Batch Loaf, Contemporary Collection (Left Wall)

Many of our homes have neutral colours dotted throughout. Dark, mossy greens like Sweet Caper work beautifully alongside creamy, neutral tones to create a well-grounded, down-to-earth feeling. The rich warmth of Sweet Caper will add a sense of cosiness to your space, whilst sitting comfortably amongst the neutral tones of your home.

Batch Loaf from the Colourtrend Contemporary Collection is a stone toned neutral that pairs particularly well with dark greens. Neutral and dark green paint colours will work in perfect harmony to create a calming and grounding atmosphere in your home. Another neutral to consider here is Salter Stone, this shade has a taupe undertone that will take a back seat and allow the richness of Sweet Caper do all the talking in your colour scheme.


Trendy green living room with pink velvet sofa

Colour- Four Arches, Contemporary Collection

Pairing pinks with dark greens is a bold interior trend that has grown in popularity in recent times. However, this colour combination does not necessarily have to be loud and attention grabbing.  This versatile colour scheme can create completely different feelings in your space, depending on the exact shades in your scheme. Pinks and dark greens are two colours naturally observed together in nature, making this scheme comforting and soothing when seen in the home.

The high contrast between a profound green like Four Arches and a dreamy powder pink like Unveiled will create an intriguing contrast in your space. This colour scheme may seem bold and daring, however as you will see from our inspirational image above, these colours are rather easy on the eye when paired together.


Pictured top – Colour- Standing Tall, Contemporary Collection

Colour drenching is a dramatic painting technique in which one chosen colour is painted across multiple surfaces in one space. The most popular choice for colour drenching in a space is painting the walls and woodwork (such as kitchen cabinetry or skirtings) in the one colour. Colour drenching can elevate a space with a sophisticated and contemporary look that is far from conventional. Opting for a rich green shade using this painting technique will leave your interior feeling cosy and comforting.

Standing Tall makes for a beautiful woodwork shade and is the perfect candidate for this bold painting technique. Colour drenching your space in Standing Tall will achieve a unique and striking look in your home. Surrounding yourself with a soothing green-grey like Standing Tall will add a sense of relaxation and tranquility to your space. It is important to note that this technique is not reserved exclusively for big, open plan areas and can work beautifully in smaller spaces to breathe life and character into a relatively compact area.


The possibilities with dark green paint shades are endless. Find and follow Colourtrend on social channels @colourtrendpaints, for inspiration and more ways to incorporate similar shades into your home.

If you are considering introducing a dark green colour in your home but are unsure of where to start, reach out to the Colourtrend colour experts today, either in store or online. For more detailed advice, explore Colourtrend’s range of online colour consultation services here-

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