Denton Sink

Denton sink is small but mighty in kitchen design stakes

The latest sink offering from Abode, Denton, embraces several design trends in one compact arrangement, making it the perfectly formed all-rounder.

In grey metallic granite, Denton gives off a professional impression which is perfect for the industrial-style, contemporary kitchen. Hardwearing, hygienic and good looking, Denton combines form with function at every turn.

The ideal solution for compact kitchens or as a second sink in larger installations, the undermount installation of Denton helps give it high-end appeal, with an easy empty Orbit waste, fold back basket and pipework all included.

Measuring 500mm long x 363mm wide and 198mm deep, in smaller spaces maximise worktop area thanks to Denton’s small proportions or install as a practical preparation sink in a kitchen island unit as an addition to the main kitchen sink.

Made from durable and hygienic composite granite, the sink has a high temperature resistance of 280°C and comes with a 10 year warranty.

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