Embrace dark kitchens with new Rotpunkt Timber Black & Tundra

Manufacturer of climate-friendly German Kitchen furniture, Rotpunkt has launched two new door fronts: Timber Black, a dark, structured wood décor with distinct open grain and Tundra, a super matt mid-grey colour, which is halfway between absolute black and absolute white.

The new Timber Black & Tundra door fronts are shown on Zerox furniture by Rotpunkt. and are beautifully refined and naturally dark in colour.

Matt Phillips, head of UK operations at Rotpunkt, says, “Offering modern planning options for the contemporary kitchen living space, our new Timber Black wood décor not only inspires a stronger connection with nature but also satisfies the market’s continued love of dark colours, rich texture and statement pieces in the home.

“As the footprint in an open plan environment is often shared, single-wall kitchens have become a great way to ensure a practical use of space without encroaching on the living and dining areas. We’ve combined a modest mix of wall and base units here in Timber Black, as a way to show how dark wood furniture can easily blend with the latest built-in appliances, sinks and taps, and contemporary handleless furniture like the featured wall unit in Tundra.”

This kitchen concept includes the following innovations:

Timber Black: This contemporary kitchen features the new Timber Black door fronts by Rotpunkt, which provide a modern planning option when introducing a dark kitchen in an open-plan space. Its versatility means it can be used across the doors, drawers and end panels. The dynamic wood grain décor brings natural beauty to the kitchen living space without the regular maintenance that solid wood furniture requires. Timber Black can also be carried through to the carcase to bring a physical connection between the inside and outside of each unit.

Tundra: Mid-grey handleless door fronts with super matt surface, which offer low light reflectivity, absorb natural daylight, add visual comfort, and increase the longevity of your kitchen furniture. Whether used in contrast or perfect harmony, the new Tundra door fronts create a solid foundation that, when paired with dark wood furniture, matt black accessories, concrete flooring, and the occasional houseplant, will create a low maintenance, dark, structured kitchen featuring the latest shade of grey by Rotpunkt. Tundra is shown here on a spacious wall cabinet, which is planned between new shelves for optimal storage and signature contrast against the dark timber.

Ergonomic storage: A mixture of wall and base units make way for open shelving, ample cupboard space above and below, and deep pan drawers located in the heart of the cook zone. And for a truly consistent look, homeowners can now opt for an exclusive wall cabinet in matching Timber Black. The built-in oven with flush mount cooktop and chimney hood is located next to a generous two-door sink unit with inner drawer and metal base that protects the carcase against moisture. All furniture is available in both standard H790mm and XTend H910mm high units to ensure the most comfortable working height for your needs and up to 16% more storage capacity!

Handleless or handles: Mix and match handleless options mean you can have both a handleless front on your wall units with discreet push-to-open mechanisms and reliable pull-handles on the base units for fast, easy access to the working areas of the kitchen. This gives the ability to accessorise kitchens. Rotpunkt offers a wide range of handles, integrated handrails, and recessed profiles, with almost all of its kitchen furniture available in a handleless version. This kitchen concept features a subtle blend of handleless furniture and a new Bow Handles 520 design shown in a complementary green finish. Available in four contemporary colourways – Anthracite, Black, Green, and Bronze – it’s now even easier to create a modern kitchen with clean lines and improved ergonomics.

Climate-friendly manufacture: All Rotpunkt furniture is designed and made under the company’s award-winning Together to Zero climate strategy in order to reduce carbon emissions at every stage of manufacture and create 100% climate-friendly kitchens that do not compromise on style or quality.

Prices for a Rotpunkt kitchen in new Timber Black & Tundra starts from £17,500+vat.

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