Column wine cabinet Fisher & Paykel wine cellar

Fisher & Paykel launches new column wine cabinet

The cellar for the modern home: New column wine cabinet.

Wine is more than just a drink – it is a snapshot in time that celebrates people, traditions, cuisine and culture. However, to ensure every bottle opens as the winemaker intended requires the careful management of light, temperature, humidity, and agitation. Working alongside prominent master sommeliers, Fisher & Paykel has created luxury wine cabinets that store wine of every variety with the perfect conditions for both ageing and serving.

Fisher & Paykel is launching a brand-new integrated column wine cabinet to its range to perfectly preserve your carefully curated wine collection, allowing it to stand still in time.

Fisher & Paykel wine cellar

The wine cellar has long been a point of conversation for discerning collectors – a showpiece of the home to be shared with friends and other connoisseurs alike. The best wine storage turns your collection into a beautiful design feature in its own right. Thoughtfully designed, Fisher & Paykel’s wine cabinet has been engineered to ensure that your wine is perfectly cared for.

“Wine inherently does not want to survive. From the moment it is filled in the bottle, wine is in a permanent state of degradation, and how that wine degrades – or ages – is what makes it an incredible experience” says Alex Van Vliet, Product Manager, Fisher & Paykel. “With exacting control for aging, and fine-tuned modes for perfect serving temperatures, Integrated Column Wine Cabinets cater to both those who are deeply passionate about wine and its storage, and to those who love to entertain and beautifully showcase their collection.”

It deploys innovative technology with two independently controlled compartments that feature four specially developed variable temperature settings: Sparkling (6-8°C), White (6-12°C), Red (12-18°C) and Cellar (11-13°C). All temperature settings are easily adjustable in 0.5°C increments, providing optimal temperatures for cellaring and serving.

Fisher & Paykel wine cellar

An activated carbon filter in each compartment clears the air of pollutants, while anti-vibration full extension oak shelves and low-vibration compression technology counteract vibrations that break down esters and deteriorate the wine’s deep flavour and aroma. To shield the wine from excessive light and UV rays that prematurely age the wine, the product is finished with double glazed, tinted door construction – perfect for laying down precious bottles for controlled ageing.

Available in a stainless-steel finish or custom panel-ready to integrate seamlessly into the kitchen, this beautiful wine cabinet complements any kitchen or bar design. Carefully considered LED lighting illuminates the internal space with modes that allow the cabinet to tastefully recede into the kitchen when off or low, to illuminate for viewing of the entire collection, or to spotlight the cabinet’s display shelf to only showcase the jewels in the collection.

Whether it’s your one-off premium vintage, or the crowd-pleasers you keep on standby for impromptu get-togethers, your wine will always be ready to be poured and savoured. Fisher & Paykel’s integrated wine cabinet allows you to showcase your collection with independent cradles that can be adjusted to create your ideal display angle, while a water-based pencil and aluminium labels offer a stylish way to catalogue your wine.

Key Features:

• Flush-fit design with 3mm gaps and hidden ventilation grille

• 2100mm UV-filtering glass door, panel ready or finish with stainless steel panel

• Two independent zones, providing ideal cellar or wine-serving temperatures for red, white and sparkling wines (6 – 18°C)

• Stainless steel interior • Thirteen beautiful white oak and black aluminium shelves

• Capacity for ninety-one bottles

• Bright, soft-start low UV LED lighting

• Display shelf with display lighting

• Low-vibration, full-extension shelf slides and low-noise, low-vibration compressor

• Choice of two handle styles

£7,999 RRP

Pictured: Fisher & Paykel’s integrated column wine cabinet and refrigeration: RS6121FLJK1, RS6121VR2K1, RS6121SRK1

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