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Fisher & Paykel launches next-gen trade resources for architects

Fisher & Paykel has recently launched improved Trade Resources to help designers work better and faster. With both a significant improvement to the brand’s website interface to better find and access files, and new content including a range of 3D files, Fisher & Paykel continues to help designers, builders and cabinetmakers design for Kitchen Perfection with these new trade resources.

The next generation files include high-resolution models for real-time rendering, parametric design in BIM and sophisticated scheduling. This will enable architects and designers to design and document more easily and help builders and developers to quickly create schedules and identify clashes with ease.

Developed with leading global BIM-focused architecture practices to ensure the files are optimised and specifically developed for the trade, Fisher & Paykel has taken a human-centred approach to its technical content, in line with its intention to be the world’s most human-centred appliance brand.

This means deeply understanding how architects, kitchen designers and cabinetmakers work, what information they are looking for at various stages in the design and build process, and ultimately delivering information that makes their work easier and faster.

Mark Young, Retail Sales Director, Fisher & Paykel comments: “This approach is unique for two reasons. Our files are purpose-built to truly support the industry, in contrast to a common approach where these types of files are often repurposed product engineering files that can be unsuitable to architecture and construction needs. Secondly, the wider delivery of files, including detailed datasheets, hinge articulation files, or alternative installation files gives a level of dimensional information that is unique to Fisher & Paykel, giving designers the tools for true design freedom.

The purpose-built technical content now includes: 3D files for Revit, ArchiCAD, Sketchup and Rhino, 2D CAD in dxf and dwg, specification guides, datasheets and planning guides.

Quick overview of the added benefits
New and improved content:
• High-resolution models for real-time rendering, parametric design in BIM and sophisticated
• A range of documentation and downloads suitable for various stages of the project from
concept through to documentation
• Accuracy and clarity of information has been paramount.
• Developed in collaboration with leading BIM-focused architectural practices to ensure fit for
Improvements in Finding and Accessing Files:
• Improved website interface
• Resources can be found on the fisherpaykel.com product pages or within the Trade
Resources section.
• Replaces The Kitchen Tools website
• Improved filtering
• Download only the files you need or all as a zipped bundle.
• Design section links to Case Study content

More information about Fisher & Paykel’s trade resources is available on the website:

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