Gaggenau Vario downdraft ventilation 400 series

Gaggenau launches Vario downdraft ventilation 400

Gaggenau has launched the Vario downdraft ventilation 400 series designed to be an unobtrusive addition that effectively protects the kitchen from offending odour and vapour. Equipped with Home Connect, the appliance can also be controlled online.

The appliance works in perfect combination with all of the Vario cooktops from the same series, creating the ability to design a completely bespoke cooking space.

The modular Vario downdraft ventilation 400 series combines with the Vario cooktops from the same series – allowing the cooking surface to be tailored into the ideal culinary scenario with endless variety and combination possibilities. The downdraft ventilation is controlled using Gaggenau’s superior and professional front-mounted stainless-steel knobs, aligning with the control knobs of the other Vario cooktops 400 series products. The precise and intuitive control knobs remove the possibility of accidental usage, ensuring that the private chef always remains in direct control of the appliance.

The appliance is finished in stainless steel and can be installed either flush or surface mounted. For seamless integration, the downdraft ventilation can be fitted in combination with frameless induction cooktops, or those which feature a frame; including the electric grill, Teppan Yaki, gas cooktop, gas wok or induction, which allows for performance cooking with large cookware up to 32cm in width, offering its user limitless possibilities. The subtle and slim addition to the cooking surface is vital in the modern kitchen and does not provide a barrier between the private chef and their guests.

When in operation, the downdraft ventilation appliance effectively draws steam, odour and vapour down directly at the source, before they pervade the atmosphere.

Vario downdraft home connect
Gaggenau Vario Downdraft Ventilation

The Vario downdraft ventilation can be set to the intuitive automatic function, which allows it to self-regulate its power settings during the cooking process. The intelligent, sensitive and hyper-reactive air quality sensor detects odour, reacts to vapour and quietly extracts them from the room, using the lowest power level necessary. The automatic function effortlessly removes the distraction of having to monitor the air quality whilst operating as silently as possible, so the private chef can concentrate on creating exceptional cuisine.

The Vario downdraft ventilation 400 series is equipped with Home Connect, in order for the private chef to have more freedom, through controlling their appliance online. The integration of Home Connect ensures that the appliance always remains at the heart of the increasingly digital home.

Sven Baacke, Head of Design, Global Brand Gaggenau, says: “The Vario downdraft ventilation 400 series is proof of the ‘Gaggenau Difference.’ The modularity of the appliance ensures that it is suitable for every kitchen scenario, as it allows the ideal kitchen workspace to be realised. The kitchen is a space made for crafting cuisine and inspiring conversation – the advanced noise reduction and superior air extraction pays testament to this.”

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