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Government urged to clarify guidance for retailers

The Kbsa has contacted the Welsh government for clarification on how the latest, ‘firebreak’ lockdown, announced yesterday for Wales, will affect KBB retailers.

Kbsa national chair Richard Hibbert said, “We acted quickly earlier this year, liaising with government and trading standards to clarify the position for our members and the definition of ‘non- essential’ shops”. 

” It is even more important that we have clarity this time, as any closures may be temporary.  The complications of a stop-start situation, especially during this busy period, when projects are in hand for a Christmas completion, are complex”.

“Whilst we seek clarification, our members have access to our dedicated legal and HR support lines that can help deal with the implications, and provide up to date information on the latest business support packages”.

“With details emerging every day, we are in constant contact with our members, not just by electronic means but with face to face briefings via Zoom”. 

“There is no doubt that there are many changes coming over the next few weeks.  We remain committed to supporting members as they negotiate their way through this challenging period. “


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