La Cornue collaborates with French artist & designer Ferris Rafauli

La Cornue has announced a new collaboration with renowned French artist and designer Ferris Rafauli. He has reimagined the iconic Château Suprême to add even more luxurious elements using walnut, enamel, brass, and leather.

“My goal was to respect more than 100 years of La Cornue heritage and DNA yet create a timeless art piece for the modern-day culinary connoisseur. The end result is breathtaking, the centrepiece of the home and the jewel of the kitchen,” comments Ferris Rafauli

Iconic designer and artist Ferris Rafauli conceives, designs and builds luxury homes and lifestyle creations for an élite worldwide clientele. He is best known for seamlessly integrating timeless architecture and sumptuous interior designs into each project, with a masterful attention to detail.

To create this exclusive reimagining of the iconic Château Suprême collection for La Cornue, Rafauli considered and revised elements of the range to bring out its most quintessential qualities, taking the exquisite details and precision of the lines to a whole new level.

Hour upon hour was spent selecting materials and making adjustments to bring his totally unique vision to life. From the simmering plate engraved with stars to the Art Deco-inspired plinth to the fully redesigned control knobs and the leather-covered hood, the power – as well as the attention to detail – of this exceptional piece is astonishing.

The ultra-stylish additions and innovations include:

•            Single La Cornue and Ferris Rafauli brand plate

•            Special Ebony King colour

•            Burners and simmering plate engraved with the La Cornue stars

•            Solid walnut chopping block built into the cooktop

•            Dual-material control knobs

•            Body colour-coordinated enamel inserts within the hardware

•            Stepped profile detailing on all metal trims and backplates

•            Additional fully integrated drawer units around the range to create a full module

•            Plinth comprising 255 aligned moulded bars.

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