Symphony Urban White Laundry Room

Master the art of laundry with Symphony’s new cabinets

When planning the perfect kitchen, the ultimate add-on is a dedicated laundry room. Whether it’s a compact utility area, a multifunctional boot room or ‘bootility’ or large laundry space, having a well-organised area for washing and drying clothes and bedlinen as well as storing the iron and ironing board, laundry and cleaning tools and products makes for a much calmer home.

A laundry room takes some of the stress and clutter out of the kitchen, freeing up space for other essentials and allowing homeowners to keep piles of washing and ironing out of sight, ideal for open-plan kitchens. Symphony has the solution with its new range of laundry cabinets and accessories in both modern and classic styles to complement its vast range of kitchen collections for a fully co-ordinated look and feel.

Symphony’s laundry larder and base cabinets also come with a choice of internal fittings and accessories for dedicated and organised storage that keeps awkward and cumbersome items neatly out of sight yet still within easy reach. The Laundry Room Cabinet is ideal for storing an ironing board, vacuum, broom and a multitude of cleaning products while the shelf and dustpan holder set can be fitted to the inside of the broom or base cabinet. There’s also a chrome iron holder, which can be fitted to the side panel inside a 600mm larder or base cabinet, as well as a broom and mop holder.

Symphony Urban White Laundry Room

Many homes struggle for space and it can be difficult to see how everything can fit in. With a little careful planning, savvy storage solutions allow for quick and easy access to household essentials while also keeping them out of sight when not in use. The Cabinet with Pull Out Ironing Board is a great space-saver, as this 500mm wide unit features either a door or drawer below with an ironing board cleverly hidden away that easily pulls out when needed.

There’s also a Cleaning Agent Rack with detachable carry basket that allows users to simply pick up and take with them as they move from room to room when cleaning. It can be fitted into any full height base cabinet with a minimum width of 400mm and can be used with a 500mm Cloaks Cabinet, which features a Hanging Rail for hanging shirts up after ironing.

Shown here in the fresh, crisp finish of Urban White, Symphony’s selection of laundry cabinets with internal fittings are designed to make life simpler while co-ordinating with a Symphony kitchen design – the perfect start to a well-organised home for 2024.

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