Miele collaborates with British designer Giles Miller

London-based design and architectural studio, Giles Miller has created a residential building whose central concept was based around the idea that those inside should always be enabled to look outwards, allowing the benefit of nature and light to enrich the experience within the space.  

Woven, which sits 100m from the cliff tops of Broadstairs on the Kent coast, features an almost fully glazed ground floor, and the kitchen sits at the very core of the living experience.  Visible immediately upon entering the house, and with a large island and open plan access, the layout puts cooking at the heart of the home with Miele appliances taking centre stage.

Not only did the Giles Miller studio team want the kitchen and cooking experience to be second to none, the aesthetics of the appliances was also a key consideration given the strong and unique character of the surrounding space.  Simple and beautiful VitroLine ovens, wine conditioning units and fridge freezer units are complimented on the island by the slick induction hob, which functions seamlessly, just as it sits within the wider curation of the interior.  Miele dishwashers and laundry appliances are also fitted to keep the home running smoothly.

On selecting Miele, Giles comments, “At Woven we believe that quality in the design of the products that surround us can bring comfort, happiness and health, both for us the users as well as the planet. Longer lasting and better performing products are the key to a healthier balance between humans and our environment, and so we were looking for a brand that could provide that high level of design excellence.  Having visited the Miele Experience Centre, it took a matter of moments for us to know that we wanted to work with Miele.  The level of design consideration impacts the quality of the products in every way.  The experience of using them is seamless, and the results are as good as it gets in terms of an appliance and its function. Before coming to the Miele Experience Centre we had never before seen such a brilliant display of knowledge, depth of research, empathy for the customer and sheer design brilliance.”

Guests can sit at the island and engage with hosts and each other, enjoying the best kitchen experience whilst also reflecting on the nature that emanates into the space through the abundance of glazing and planting that surrounds the sculptural building.  Overall, the space is calm, easy, efficient and inspiring all at the same time, thanks to the perfect symphony of the artistic starting point and the functional and carefully designed interior experience. 

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