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Nestor Martin’s new TQH15 gas stove

Nestor Martin’s new TQH15 gas stove is powerful, efficient and so easy to use.

The perfect choice for homeowners who want the warm glow of a standalone stove but without the hassle and mess of a wood burner.  Nestor Martin’s new TQH15 gas design is sleek and chic and ideal for classic or contemporary interiors. Its tall, slimline style is elegant and timeless. It features a large viewing window and realistic flames flickering within. As well as creating an eye-catching focal point, the TQH15 stove is also easy to operate with minimal maintenance required.

Offering all the benefits of a traditional log fire, the Nestor Martin TQH15 stove comes with a state-of-the-art gas burner.  This means high fuel efficiency and all the convenience of consistent heat. Furthermore, all Nestor Martin stoves are designed to efficiently burn natural gas. They can also be adapted to propane where natural gas is not available, ideal for rural properties.

All stoves are tested to meet the highest standards of performance, safety and emissions for both gas types.

When it comes to installation, the TQH15 stove is as easy to install. It operated thanks to its balanced flue, which can fit the top or rear of the stove. This means it can be fitted into a variety of locations around the home, without limiting you to just one spot. The stove is completely sealed from the room into which it is installed, preventing draughts and increasing heating efficiency. It’s a great option for built-up areas and single-storey homes as well as new builds, period properties. For out-of-towners this versatile flue can accommodate a number of bends as well as having just a horizontal discharge.

Gas is over 85% efficient and benefits from a large flame with consistently clean burning. Turn it on at the flick of a switch and relax in the cosy, comforting flow of your new TQH15 gas stove, which also comes with programmable temperature control and on/off operation.

The Nestor Martin TQH15 gas stove costs £3,732


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