Neoperl Ecobooster

New Mini Ecobooster saves water in the kitchen

The new Mini Ecobooster from Neoperl is an aerator for the kitchen tap that can be switched from water-saving flow to full capacity in an instant allowing the tap to be on eco-mode for general use but boosted to a fuller flow when required.

It’s always been a little harder to encourage water saving in the kitchen, understandably as we all want to be able to quickly fill our pans for cooking or kitchen sinks for washing up. However, this new innovation from Neoperl may hold the answer. This new flow device, which can be easily retrofitted to most kitchen taps, protrudes slightly from the tap and can be switched easily into boost mode by pulling the sleeve upwards. After closing the tap, it always switches back into the default water-saving mode. It solves any argument on a water-saving device resulting in a lack of performance.

Neoperl UK is a sizable manufacturer of water devices. In the UK they are based in Malvern in Worcestershire where they manufacture many different sizes of flow regulator. But they do advise that most UK taps and showers are compatible with just a handful of product sizes. So maybe stocking a small selection of these aerator products and advising your customers, accordingly, could have a significant effect on helping to hit our UK water-saving targets.

Neoperl MIni Ecobooster

About Neoperl

Neoperl is a UK manufacturer and part of the German-Swiss Neoperl Group. They design and manufacture innovative solutions for the plumbing industry and their products shape the water stream, regulate the flow rate and protect drinking water. Their flow regulators and aerators can be found in most showers, taps and boilers across the UK. Many of their products can also be retro-fitted providing great water saving solutions for the home.

Check out how to install their products in your next project at or call their technical team on 01684 564869.

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