Novy Panorama Pro 120

Novy launches Panorama Pro 120

Novy has launched Panorama PRO 120, a stylish vented 120cm downdraft extractor hob with five side-by-side cooking zones.

Panorama Pro 120 is the latest addition to Novy’s award-winning Panorama collection of vented downdraft extractor hobs. The 120cm induction hob features five uninterrupted cooking zones in a side-by-side configuration that can also be bridged to become a fully zoneless cooking area.

Designed for those seeking a flexible and technologically advanced surface cooking centre, the hob also has a special grill function for use with a grill pan accessory together with a wide range of advanced cooking functions including automatic pan detection, automatic cooking, keep warm, chef function, Stop&Go pause function and timers for each zone.

Integrated within the hob’s surface is the 110cm semi-transparent ventilation tower that rises by up to 30cm to extract cooking vapours at source – directly behind the pans. It is super quiet, with a minimum noise level of 41dB and maximum continuous noise level of 60dB. With a maximum free flow rate of 1530m³/h, the powerful extractor has five speeds plus three intensive speeds together with a pre-set extraction function to automatically adjust the power level. When cooking has ended the tower retracts back into the hob’s surface to be completely concealed from view. In addition to touch controls on the hob’s surface, the extractor can also be controlled and adjusted using the Novy Connect app on all mobile devices.

Owain Harrison, Country Manager for Novy commented:

“The Panorama PRO 120 is a world first. It is the only extractor hob of its kind with five uninterrupted side-by-side cooking zones and a discreet and stylish integrated downdraft extractor. Its impressive size and advanced functionality make it the ideal luxury option for people who are seeking a flexible surface cooking centre with powerful yet silent extraction in the kitchen.”

Hob functions:

  • Slider Control:

With adjustable white LED’s, the slider control can be used to increase and decrease the power levels

  • Number of power levels:

9 plus Power and Super Power

  • Power (boost function):

At a single touch of the controls, power is maximised to easily bring water to the boil or to sear red meat in seconds

  • Automatic pan detection:

The hob intuitively knows when a pan is on the hob

  • Flexzones:

Two x flex zones allow you to bridge two zones to become a single zone for larger pans, or if a larger pan is placed across two zones.

  • Automatic Flexzone bridge function

The relevant zones will automatically bridge when a larger pan is placed on the cooking area. This can also be performed manually via touch controls

  • Stop & Go:

This is a useful pause function, which can be reset to all previous temperature settings at the single touch of the control

  • Safety lock

The hob can be locked and unlocked by pressing the lock control for three seconds

  • Timers:

Each zone is equipped with an independent timer from 0 – 99 minutes

  • Independent cooking timer:

A countdown timer that works independently together with a count up timer

  • Automatic cooking:

Each zone features the Automatic cooking function where power will activate at maximum and then reduce down to a pre-set level. Ideal for boiling and simmering

  • Keep Warm:

This function maintains a constant temperature of 70°

  • Chef function

The chef function automatically links flex zones together whilst maintaining the correct temperature

  • Grill function:

This allows the optimal use of the additional grill plate by combining two zones and using the appropriate grill settings

Cooking zones (side-by-side):

Cooking zoneDimensionsPower + Boost power
Left200 x 240 mm2100 + 3000W
Left central200 x 240 mm2100 + 3000W
Central280 mm diameter2100 + 3000W
Right central200 x 240 mm2100 + 3000W
Right200 x 240 mm2100 + 3000W

Extractor functions:

  • Pre-set extraction function
  • Manual suction function
  • Five speeds; three intensive speeds
  • Run on timer: 10 – 30 minutes
  • Extraction tower height: 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, or as required when using the Novy Connect app
  • Maximum continuous free flow rate: 1530m³/h
  • Min. noise level: 41dB(A) | Max. noise level: 60dB(A)
  • Available in vented or recirculation options

Dimensions (mm):

  • Overall: W 1180 x D 520 x H 65
  • Extractor: W 1100 x 162 x 760-840


The Novy Panorama PRO 120 (42120): £4,599

For More Information Contact:

Novy: 0207 866 2493.

About Novy

Novy is a Belgian luxury induction and extraction specialist.

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