Siemens unveils wifi-enabled glassdraftAir extractor

Siemens has announced the launch of the glassdraftAir extractor. A new take on the downdraft extractor, glassdraftAir is a wifi-enabled solution for open-plan kitchens that combines elegance with efficiency.

Available in both 80cm and 90cm widths, the sleek design allows for installation behind the hob to create a single surface effect, while clear glass offers an uninterrupted view in the living space. The glassdraftAir is powered by Siemen’s new unique Guided Air Technology. Vents behind the glass release a curtain of air creating a low-pressure area in front. Steam and cooking odours are then guided into the extraction area. The result is accurate and effective extraction, no matter which cooking zone is in use – working with all of your pans, regardless of their height. What’s more, Guided Air Technology offers extremely powerful extraction that is exceptionally quiet, so it won’t interrupt the conversation. Its climateControl sensor continually monitors any steam and cooking odours then precisely adjusts the power level for efficient extraction, whilst also delivering the lowest possible noise level.

The appliance is WiFi-enabled and features the cookConnect system, whereby it’s possible to control the extractor from the hob. This compatibility allows for your hood to be automatically switched on once the hob is in use, providing a fully automated ventilation solution via the Siemens climateControl sensor. In addition, it can be controlled and monitored via the Home Connect app – through which you can change the colour of the lighting around the glass panel and also receive push notifications when the filter needs changing.

The show-stopping lighting is another key feature of the Siemens glassdraftAir. Set the mood with the emotionLight Pro, which offers a choice of nine pre-set colours. Users who are keen to personalise the lighting even further can do so through the Home Connect app, which offers a huge range of colours.

There are considerable practical benefits to the glassdraftAir. The filter service function allows the glass to lower and return upwards bringing the grease filter cartridges to the surface. This not only allows for easy removal and cleaning in the dishwasher, but also for recirculation filters to be installed easily. The glass lifts out for cleaning and is easy to remove, to then be cleaned in your dishwasher and reinserted. Siemens is also introducing two new filter types for recirculation, cleanAir Plus and Long Life 10-year regenerative technologies.

Available in 90cm and 80cm widths, the Siemens glassdraftAir extractor features a frame that matches the hob for seamless installation and design. The flush fit creates a single surface solution for any modern kitchen. Supported by a water overflow vent, any excess water will be collected in the result of spillage. The 90cm model will be compatible with six-pot freeInduction technology.

Adam Norris, Product Manager – Ventilation, BSH Home Appliances, comments, “We’re excited to be launching the new glassdraftAir, our latest ventilation product. The glassdraftAir delivers fantastic performance with its Guided Air Technology, providing effective extraction no matter how you are using your hob. The design is strikingly inconspicuous with the option to seamlessly install right behind the hob, creating a single surface and clear glass pane for an uninterrupted view whilst cooking and entertaining.

“cookConnect and the climateControl sensor also mean the hood can be fully automated to rise when the hob is turned on, with adaptive extraction based on your cooking. All these features, including the emotionLight Pro make these products unique, innovative and stand-out products in the category.”

The 90cm iQ700 LD98WMM66 glassdraftAir is priced £2399, while the 80cm iQ700 LD88WMM66B glassdraftAir is priced £2349.

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