Fisher & Paykel Touch Screen Ovens

Touch-screen built-in ovens from Fisher & Paykel

In keeping with the growing demand for digitalisation in the kitchen, Fisher & Paykel has launched a new range of contemporary touch screen built-in ovens. With an innovative new touch screen interface, this oven provides an intuitive guided cooking experience to help deliver perfect cooking results for both users who have been cooking all their life and those just starting out. The high-resolution digital screen is beautiful to use thanks to clever technology which ensures the touchscreen interface is highly responsive with no delay, not even a miniscule hesitation, between the user touching the screen and the oven’s response.

Helen Haider, Head of Marketing, Fisher & Paykel comments on the launch: “Our aim is to be the most human-centred appliance brand in the world and therefore anything we launch has been tested and proven to make the lives of our customers better, not more complicated. This type of product will have huge appeal to the premium end of the market thanks to its advancements in design, cooking and technology. For the perceptive consumer, our ovens will deliver perfect results as they use only the best technology while blending seamlessly into the kitchen design.”

Fisher & Paykel’s interface provides a choice of three cooking methods that allow for a personalised experience with perfect results. Cook by Function provides 16 primary cooking options familiar to all, Cook by Food Type gives the optimal oven set up for specific food types and Cook by Recipe completely sets up the home chef to create specific meals by providing easy step by step guidance with imagery and menus. Once the meal is complete and out of the oven, Fisher & Paykel’s self-clean technology breaks down any food residue at a very high temperature, leaving a light ash that is easily removed with a damp cloth.

The innovation continues with unique cooking technologies such as ActiveVent, a ventilation tool that ensures optimum moisture levels within the oven and Fisher & Paykel’s AeroTech™ technology. AeroTech™ circulates heat evenly for a consistent temperature throughout the cavity, helping to eradicate issues with uneven cooking when using multiple shelves. Throughout the cooking process, an integrated food probe precisely monitors cooking progress in real time.

Fisher & Paykel’s touch screen oven further excels in a very specific type of technology in that it has a Sabbath Mode designed for those of the Jewish faith who observe a ‘no work’ requirement on Sabbath. In compliance with Jewish tradition, the oven setting keeps a constant temperature running and does not react to the user by turning on lights or varying fan speeds. The mode is designed to accommodate the need to keep food warm that has been prepared before the Sabbath. Although Sabbath is observed with varying stringencies between Jewish communities, Fisher & Paykel have observed and created a mode that can meet all demands in consultation with leading figures of the Jewish community. Sabbath mode can be activated by the user if desired but otherwise does not impact day to day usage of the oven – another great advancement in Fisher & Paykel’s inclusive technology.

David Woollcott, Managing Director, Fisher & Paykel comments: “In consultation with leading figures of the Jewish community, and specifically Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Guttentag in the UK, we have been able to create an oven that reaches the highest Sabbath-compliant standard, allowing our retail partners to have the absolute assurance that this oven is compliant for their orthodox Jewish customer base.”

Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Guttentag, director of KF Kosher’s FedTech department at the Federation of Synagogues, an internationally recognised UK communal body with a reputation for high standards and authority in Jewish law, comments: “This is one of the most advanced Sabbath compliant ovens that can be found in the UK right now. Fisher & Paykel’s commitment to assist and produce a Sabbath Mode of the highest standards is admirable. With the advancement of technology, it has become more difficult for the observant Jewish community to utilise basic kitchen appliances on their Sabbath and Yom Tov (weekday festivals), but this product has been made in consultation with the community so it is of the highest standard which is so important.”

Fisher & Paykel’s touch screen ovens (L-R): OB60SDPTDB1, OB60SDPTX1

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