Whirpool UK waste management

Whirlpool UK hits 50 % general waste reduction & reappoints waste management firm

Kitchen appliance manufacturer Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited, the home of Hotpoint, Indesit, Whirlpool and KitchenAid brands, has announced the appointment of Axil integrated Services in a multi-million-pound contract.

The renewal follows a successful previous partnership with the waste management firm that saw the manufacturer achieve a 50 per cent reduction in general waste and achieve its zero waste to landfill by 2022 pledge at Whirlpool sites in Peterborough and Yate.

The manufacturer’s re-appointment of Axil highlights Whirlpool UK’s ongoing commitment to its sustainability goals, including its Net Zero 2030 target for its Scope 1 and 2 emissions. To date, the waste management expert has already supported Whirlpool UK in reducing its plastic usage by 80 per cent, as well as an overall reduction in general waste by 50 per cent – approximately the weight of a double-decker bus each month. In addition, Axil has saved the company 1,800 in manual hours by introducing machinery for waste movements and processing.

With the support of Axil, Whirlpool UK has implemented a leading waste management solution which closely follows the Waste Hierarchy. This includes a series of innovations to achieve Whirlpool UK’s waste recycling and reduction targets such as:

  • Reduced general waste through sortation, reclassification, and energy recovery routes
  • Simplified the metal baling process by removing unnecessary handling, which resulted in improved health and safety and efficiency
  • Upgraded on-site processing procedures using new machinery
  • Switched to using local suppliers and a local recycling centre for recyclable materials, which has saved time, reduced Whirlpool UK’s carbon footprint and directly supports Whirlpool UK’s strategy of supporting the local economy
  • Removal of single use cutlery and cups in on-site canteens and replaced with biodegradable product
  • Regeneration of hazardous waste compound
  • Installation of new welfare cabins for staff

The new multi-million-pound contract includes the total waste management of all waste streams, including: scrap metal processing and recycling, cardboard, plastic, wood, general waste, dry mixed recycling and hazardous wastes.

Axil and Whirlpool UK have worked together to introduce new systems and processes to ensure materials that might previously have classified as waste are recycled. Separating these valuable commodities, along with the recent increase in the value of commodities such as metal, has helped Whirlpool UK receive a £400k increase in rebates from waste from 2020-2021.

Commenting on the partnership, David Sherrington, UK & Ireland Energy, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager, Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited, said: “We have made great strides in waste management thanks to the help and direction of Axil Integrated Services. We’re delighted that we’ve achieved our zero waste to landfill target, but we’ll continue to work with Axil to further reduce our waste as we pursue our ambitious sustainability goals.”

Noting the important role manufacturers have to play in reducing their carbon emissions and waste, Jason Lang, Commercial Director, Axil integrated Services, said: “We’re very proud that Whirlpool UK has extended its contract with us, which is a testament to the great work of the Axil team, Whirlpool UK’s commitment to achieving its zero waste targets, and our strong working relationship.

“Recycling has significantly increased because of the Axil total waste management solution. Whirlpool is now able to manage, control and understand their waste, not only by cost, but by volume, type and quantity. We hope that Whirlpool UK set an example for others in the manufacturing industry, a sector which has a key role to play if the UK is to meet its climate ambitions.”

Across their global operations, Whirlpool is demonstrating its commitment to the environment through several projects, including #PlasticLess. Whirlpool’s other sustainability partners include PlanetMark, which will independently audit’s the organisations GHG emissions. Whirlpool Corporation’s latest sustainability report can be found here.

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