Binopolis expands built-in bin with Blanco


Specialist retailer has boosted its comprehensive collection of in-cupboard bins and added premium German brand Blanco to its offering for the first time. Designed to make optimum use of space, the models being stocked by Binopolis include the Select range of pull-out bins, which is the recipient of a coveted Red Dot Product Design award.

Ideal for planning into your new fitted kitchen, Blanco bins are among the easiest on the market to retrofit so you can effortlessly transform a cupboard in your existing kitchen into a neat and discreet waste management system. With three in-cupboard bins for hinged doors and eight for pull-out door cabinets, designed to fit 450mm, 500mm or 600mm-wide base units, to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect model for your recycling and rubbish requirements. Capacities range from 14-litres to 49-litres to suit varied households from sleek compact apartment kitchens to busy family homes.

Jane Pollard, co-director at Binopolis, says: “We’re delighted to become the only specialist bin retailer in the UK to offer the Blanco range of in-cupboard bins. Incredibly well designed, the award-winning Blanco range is a fantastic addition to our portfolio of premium, integrated bins and provides our customers with even more choice when it comes to selecting the perfect waste management system for their kitchen.”

Great for low spaces such as under sinks, the award-winning Blanco range from Binopolis comes with free delivery as standard.

The Blanco Pro Manual 60/3 39L Recycler for 600mm hinged doors, £139,
is only 350mm high and 400mm deep, making it ideal for use under sinks

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