Blanco Lucy Heaney

BLANCO checks in with Lucy – kitchen design student

As part of BLANCO‘s continued commitment to innovation, the kitchen sink and tap specialist has been helping a new generation of inspirational kitchen designers through sponsorship for the FDA Kitchen Design course at Buckinghamshire New University.

Under BLANCO’s sponsorship, Lucy Heaney started the course in September 2020 and we catch up with her here to see how she’s finding it nine months in.

How are you finding the course? When are you due to finish?

The course is going very well. I am learning so much and it is really opening my eyes up to what is involved in the kitchen industry.  We are due to finish the course in June 2021.

Is the course what you expected?

I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  Even though I have been in this industry for nearly three years, before I started the course, I was mainly getting an understanding on how a kitchen showroom operates on a day-to-day basis, focusing on the logistics side of things and dealing with clients daily.

What have you learned so far?

I have learned quite a lot since October.

My first module was ‘Materials, Technologies and Kitchens’. We were required to create a portfolio on creative kitchen design for health and wellbeing for a set of clients. This module introduced us to the importance of the technical and material aspects of kitchen design and understanding the various physical materials which are used in kitchens.

My second module is Kitchens in Context. This is to help me open up my mind to the world of design in general but mainly focusing on kitchens.

Lastly, my third module is called Kitchen Design Worlds.  I am very excited about this project. This module introduces us to the processes and skills we need to design kitchens for different clients and their various needs and requests. We have been given a brief which shows us who our clients are. I have created a portfolio showing the journey I take to get to my finished design for my set of clients.

Are you looking forward to a full-time career in kitchen design?

I am, yes.  I can put all of my experience, designing practice and knowledge I have gained from my university work into real life work with real clients and I will be able to show off the various kitchen design methods I have learned throughout my time at university.

Other than BLANCO sponsoring you to complete this course, are there any other ways you have found working with BLANCO beneficial?

Throughout my first year, it has been really good knowing I have my contact Sianie at BLANCO to go to should I need any help or if I have any questions. From the day I was offered the sponsorship with BLANCO, Sianie has been so supportive. I also have my area manager who has shown me a huge amount of support, wanting to know how the course is going and always letting me know I can go to him for any help as well.

For further information on BLANCO UK, please call 01923 635 200 or visit

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