Blanco launches next-gen hands-free tap: BLANCOCULINA-S II

Blanco, a specialist in kitchen water solutions, has launched the BLANCOCULINA-S II Sensor tap, which was revealed at the Grand Designs Live show in May.

The hands-free operation is activated using a wave sensor located on the body of the tap and deactivated by using the same wave motion. Additionally, the tap is set up to sense a saucepan beneath the sensor and will automatically dispense water, stopping the flow when removed.  T. The BLANCOCULINA-S II Sensor marks a significant advancement in kitchen functionality, enhancing convenience in everyday kitchen tasks.

The semi-professional mixer tap features a flexible metal hose for freedom of movement whilst the dual sensor technology prevents germ transfer. It offers two jets and an integrated flow stop making it easy to switch between functions. The introduction of dual-sensor technology makes it easy to wash your hands or other items without leaving fingerprints, germs, and dirt on the tap.

As the second generation of the popular BLANCOCULINA-S, the new design is a major leap forward for modern kitchen culture. It has been created to bring even more convenience and comfort to everyday kitchen life.

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