Bora Tiny House

Bora chosen for tiny house project

With their minimalist design BORA S Pure and BORA X BO add refinement to even the smallest of kitchens, making them the perfect choice for the tiny houses project from Munich start-up Vagabundo.

Setting new standards with their minimalist design, the three tiny houses offer between 15 and 34 square metres of living space. Vagabundo founders Luca Knipp, Andreas Müllner and Michael Leitner had a vision to create living spaces that fulfil basic needs without compromising on comfort or good design.

“The central idea – minimalist design – naturally has to run through all interior areas, including the kitchen,” explains Müllner. The founders therefore decided to equip the kitchens, with clear lines and oak fittings, with BORA products. The BORA S Pure induction cooktop and the BORA X BO steam oven offer maximum performance without compromising on convenience and are the perfect fit for Vagabundo’s philosophy. There is no cooker hood to interfere with the views of nature through the large windows, and the integrated odour filter makes it possible to cook like in the fresh air.

An ideal solution for small kitchens, the BORA S Pure cooktop extraction system features an elegant design and delivers top performance with optimum cooktop use. With a width of just 60cm, this ultra-compact appliance boasts an impressive range of options. The system has four different cooking zones which are suitable for all standard pot sizes. The entire cooktop surface can be used optimally thanks to the specially developed induction coils and the asymmetric arrangement of the extractor opening.

The team was impressed with the BORA X BO’s qualities and performance too.  “When we tested the steam oven for the first time, we were thrilled that our roasted vegetables were ready after just twelve minutes,” recalls Müllner.

The BORA X BO is a steamer and oven rolled into one appliance. The steam oven offers professional technology for the domestic kitchen, with a steam extraction function built-in. Together with the innovative activated charcoal odour filter it keeps the kitchen full of fresh air, ensures a clear view and prevents steam from escaping when the door is opened

“BORA and Vagabudo Living are a perfect match. As companies, we represent the same values: quality, innovation and sustainability.” Both companies are pioneers of a new way of living, opening up new possibilities for pushing the boundaries of conventional home living and giving people the freedom to create their dream homes.

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