Bishboard Zenith compact laminate surfaces

Bushboard launches Zenith compact laminate surfaces into retailer market

Bushboard is extending its kitchen surface offering to include Zenith, its twenty strong collection of compact laminate surfaces.

Waterproof Zenith worksurfaces have a 12.5mm profile and solid coloured core and are available in on-trend designs spanning marble, stone, and concrete.

New for October 2021, Bushboard is accepting orders for stands and displays from its retail and showroom partners.

With options for worktops, kitchen islands, splashbacks, and upstands, Zenith works beautifully as a standalone worktop feature, or when paired with a matching splashback to create a cohesive design statement that seamlessly ties together the overall kitchen design.

“Kitchen surfaces, like many other more traditionally functional areas of the home are being reconfigured to offer a more design-led aesthetic”, says Louise Bebbington, Marketing Manager for Bushboard Worksurfaces,

“The flow and usage of our living spaces is evolving, and a chunky, thick worktop can be jarring in a space where we are desiring clean lines and seamless transitions between active (functional) and passive (relaxation) zones. However, this change in how we use and interact with our homes means consumers are relying on their worksurfaces more than ever, and for a greater variety of tasks.

“With Zenith, we’ve refined worktop design down to a very streamlined, minimalistic look without compromising on any of the benefits or durability of the surface itself.”

Manufactured for toughness and beauty
With a wide range of hardwearing and scratch resistant designs available to suit any scheme, consumers can opt for decadent marble-inspired designs that have been updated with Zenith’s slimline profile to meet the demands of the modern-day kitchen, or extra matt finishes that help to mask sticky finger marks – perfect for young families.

Alternatively, Roche finishes which offer a lightly roughened surface to realistically replicate real stone materials, in addition to granite and fusion textures.

Versatile for any shape or size

Zenith can be cut to any shape and refinished without the need for additional edging, meaning fitters can get creative with the material. From worktops to shelves and sills, or integrated drainer grooves to accompany undermount sinks and artistic curved edges, Zenith offers flexibility in application. Each slab is non-porous meaning that spills and stains that are Zenith worktop and splashback in Tectonica Fizzy commonplace in busy household kitchens can simply be wiped away without causing lasting damage.

Zenith surfaces are resilient to impact and abrasion and can withstand the wear and tear that surfaces endure as part of family life. One of Zenith’s most defining feature is its Antibacterial Protection which is integrated as a resin during the manufacturing process as standard. Rather than a coating applied to the top layer of the surface, the integrated Antibacterial Protection which is entirely food-safe ensures that growth of up to 99.9% of bacteria is slowed down for the entire lifetime of the surface.

Zenith makes light work of installation for fitters
Whilst Zenith may look and feel like natural stone, it has none of the associated drawbacks, allowing for fuss-free, easy installation with minimal downtime. For installers and fitters looking to work with Bushboard to expertly learn the best practices for working with Zenith, a comprehensive training module is available via British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Installer’s Cortexa e-learning system.

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