Ego by Abimis

Ego by Abimis plays the starring role

Situated on the seafront in Palma de Mallorca, the scenic villa plays host to an outdoor version of the Ego kitchen by Abimis.

The modern architecture spans two storeys and blends in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape and its colours.

The interiors, which are elegantly contemporary, are ‘framed’ by generously-sized panoramic windows that make the entire space extraordinarily fluid and bright, suggesting a harmonious idea of continuation between indoors and out.

The owner, an architect and the owner of a furniture store, designed this seaside villa not just as his summer residence, but as his own private studio and showroom. In other words, it is a place dedicated to personal relaxation and sociability and, at the same time, a “workshop of ideas” filled with designer objects and vintage-style furniture that can be used as a source of inspiration for his clients.

These surroundings, with their unmistakable Mediterranean atmosphere, were the perfect venue for a ‘touch’ of design and quality Made in Italy.

So the owner decided to install a stainless steel ‘sculpture’ in his garden, opposite the flush edge pool: the Ego kitchen by Abimis, which was completely customised to accommodate his specific needs, styling taste and above all his desire to cook and ‘move’ lunch or dinner time outdoors at any time.

Wall-mounted under the portico, in an area of the home that is sheltered from the wind, Ego was produced in a linear composition that incorporates the cooking and washing areas, complete with storage compartments and refrigerated drawers. The kitchen is joint-free both on the worktop and between the various modules, to ensure simple and quick cleaning and avoid any build-up of dust or dirt, thereby also guaranteeing hygiene.

With its characteristic bevelled flush doors that are integrated into the structure, invisible hinging pivots and recessed plinth, Ego is made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel, an alloy which – thanks to the addition of molybdenum – proves particularly suitable for ‘life’ in settings that are rich in chlorine and salt air.

For its outdoor kitchens, Abimis guarantees the same professional performance levels and customisation possibilities as its kitchens for indoor settings, so that every concept created can blend in seamlessly with its intended open-air surroundings.

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