Fisher & paykel Induction Hob

Elegant ventilation with Fisher & Paykel’s Induction Hob

Designed to fit

Fisher & Paykel’s recyclable and eco-friendly Induction Hob with Integrated Ventilation allows homeowners to put their hob virtually anywhere, including an island, with no need for an overhead extractor fan to break up the view or flow of the space.

Fisher & Paykel is known for seamless kitchen integration, and the Induction Hob with Integrated Ventilation is no different. Installing a hob on an island may seem unusual but it allows for and encourages interaction between those cooking and their family or guests, making the kitchen a more sociable space.

Designed for perfect results

The extremely accurate temperature control and easy-to-use touch control means that you can confidently set the temperature to searingly high or the gentlest warmth. SmartZones allow you to link two cooking zones, providing the flexibility to use large cookware. PowerBoost and GentleHeat deliver very high to very low heats that is consistent across different burners.

Induction hobs are a safer choice as the induction cooktops heat only the cookware, not the hob surface, so you won’t have to worry about your little helpers in the kitchen catching their fingers or leaving a zone on.

Designed for sustainability

Superior efficiency with induction cooking means that less heat is wasted; as only the cookware is heated, induction hobs are more energy efficient than electric or gas. The cooktop is built from recyclable, eco-friendly Schott ceramic glass that doesn’t use arsenic or heavy metals in the manufacturing process. The recirculation kit, available on the CID834RDTB4 model, filters the air through carbon filters and the air is then recirculated to the kitchen interior. This means heated or air-conditioned air is not ducted to the outside and removed from the home.

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