Heat Pump Dryer

Fisher & Paykel launches first Heat Pump Dryer to the UK market

Fisher & Paykel has introduced its first Heat Pump Dryer to the UK market, it features intuitive functions, beautiful design and is capable of killing off more than 99.9% of bacteria.

Alex van Vliet, Market Product Manager, Fisher & Paykel, comments: “At the pinnacle of fabric care, our new Heat Pump Dryer is an exciting introduction to the UK market. Its intuitive functions and beautiful, sustainable design set Fisher & Paykel ahead of competitors. Modern laundry is no longer just a functional work zone, it is a beautifully designed space featuring appliances that are styled to match one another and be part of a holistic laundry system. At Fisher & Paykel, we are proud to have built a dryer that is designed to be the perfect partner to our new washing machines. With complementary cycles crafted to meet the unique needs of every fabric, they’re simply better together.”

Intuitive controls and clever drying hints help to ensure you to get the best results. The LCD display provides a simple interface to select from 23 dry cycles including Steam Freshen, Hygiene, Activewear, Wool, Silk and Denim. With health and hygiene being a pressing concern for many people, the hygiene cycle provides extra protection for your clothes. The extra high dry temperature is designed to kill more than 99.9% of bacteria and reduce allergens – perfect for durables such as sheets and towels.

The premium New Zealand brand is challenging the popular belief that heat pump dryers are slow. Fisher & Paykel’s heat pump dryer is able to dry clothes at a class-leading speed thanks to the new variable speed compressor combined with the implementation of an independently controlled air system fan. You can choose between Eco, Quiet and Quick modes, the latter taking roughly 30 minutes to perform its full cycle.

If you have worn something once or had it stored away then Steam Freshen will deodorise, de-wrinkle and make it ready to wear again with no need for a full wash cycle. Less washing means less water, less energy and less fabric wear, which is good news for both the environment and your wallet. The steam cycle is perfect for occasions where clothes have been worn once and need freshening up. As an alternative to full-cycle washes, it removes odours without using detergent and gently eases the creases out of clothes to save you precious time spent ironing.

The dryer’s clever technology means it is extremely energy efficient without compromising on performance. To reduce the amount of energy used, choose the Optimise Dry Eco option and opt for the Speed mode to shorten cycle times. For late-night laundry, select Quiet mode to reduce cycle noise. This dryer uses heat pump technology to gently and effectively dry clothes at low temperatures and with an outstanding A+++ energy rating, you can dry with confidence.

A typical dryer on the market will have a single motor that drives both the tumbling action of the drum and the fan that circulates air. With the new Fisher & Paykel Series 9 Heat Pump Dryer, an independently controlled fan system allows for full air circulation even during reverse tumble. As a result, True Reverse Tumble is available on almost all cycles meaning clothes dry gentler and tangling is reduced, saving you from the hassle of having to pause a cycle to untangle your clothes or clothes that simply won’t dry all the way through. TangleProtect technology pairs an advanced air circulation system with true reverse tumbling to reduce tangling and balling during the dry cycle, ensuring your
clothes and sheets are dried consistently and evenly.

Heat Pump Condensing Dryer, 9kg, Steam Care (DH9060FS1)
• Dimensions: Height 850mm, Width 600mm, Depth 670mm
• Energy rating: A+++
• 23 dry cycles including: Activewear, Denim, Easy Iron,
Everyday, Hygiene, Sheets, Silk and Steam Freshen
• SmartTouch™ control dial
• Autosensing
• Heat pump technology
• 5 year warranty

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