Four big ways kitchen design has changed Grohe Essence

Four big ways kitchen design has changed

The way we use our kitchen space has changed over recent years, accelerated even more so by the events of the past six months. What was once a functional room is now an extension of our personalities and lifestyle. It has taken centre stage as the heart of the home: it’s where we eat, cook, socialise, relax and more recently, work. As one of the most frequented areas of not just the kitchen but the entire home, the kitchen sink and tap is one of the hardest working and most integral aspects of our kitchen design, and their functionality and design have evolved to meet our ever-changing needs. An increased scrutiny on hygiene, sustainability and interior trends have all contributed to the new era of sink and tap design.

GROHE has identified how latest trends and consumer demand is bringing about a shift in design focus in the kitchen.

Sinks and taps are the new kitchen centrepiece

The kitchen sink area is in constant demand in the home; from making drinks to washing dishes, filling saucepans to rinsing vegetables. In recent years, the design focus has shifted to highlight and draw attention to this zone of the kitchen whilst before it would have been designed to blend in and remain inconspicuous.

Additional design principles have been incorporated into latest models, namely colour, but also new materials, shapes and textures. Now the likes granite grey and black composite sinks are being increasingly favoured over stainless steel, a kitchen staple that has dominated the space for decades.

Touchless control and smart technology are more hygienic and convenient

The concept of alternative operation for kitchen taps first began to emerge several years ago, designed to help those in busy kitchens who always had their hands full and to facilitate better hygiene practices, particularly when using the sink after preparing raw meat. However, hygiene is now at the fore of kitchen tap design and will continue to be a key priority for consumers for years to come.

GROHE offers a range of kitchen taps and features that provide alternative operation which reduce direct contact with the surface of the tap, thereby lessening the risk of cross-contamination.

With GROHE FootControl, taps can be turned on and off with a gentle tap of your foot on the base unit, leaving your hands free and your tap spotless at all times. You can retrofit the feature to any GROHE pull-out kitchen tap*.

Meanwhile, its SmartControl range removes the need for a lever at all, replacing this with a button at the end of the spout which activates water flow and can be easily pressed with the wrist or elbow. Similarly, its EasyTouch technology which features in some of its Minta and Zedra models, does away with the need to twist a lever by allowing water flow

Meanwhile, its SmartControl range removes the need for a lever at all, replacing this with a button at the end of the spout which activates water flow and can be easily pressed with the wrist or elbow. Similarly, its EasyTouch technology which features in some of its Minta and Zedra models, does away with the need to twist a lever by allowing water flow to be activated via a touch of a wrist, forearm or back of the hand on the tap’s spout.

GROHE Essence SmartControl kitchen tap in SuperSteel
Taps that do more and use less In the modern kitchen, a simple on/off water flow controlled by a lever is rarely enough to meet the consumer needs of today. Consumers want more and more from their products and instant results too, and the tap is no exception. Many kitchen tap best-sellers are equipped with pull-out hoses and multiple spray types, favoured by homeowners for their ability to make everyday life at home that little bit easier. Pull-out hoses are ideal for cleaning the area around your sink, filling vases and even washing vegetables.

Meanwhile, multiple sprays such as additional powerful Jet sprays, found in ranges like GROHE Zedra, can help to quickly remove tougher stains, grease and grime, saving unnecessary scrubbing and water wastage too. Whilst consumers are expecting more from their kitchen taps, they actually want them to offer less when it comes to water consumption and sustainability, which is playing an increasing role in consumer purchasing behaviour. More and more kitchen taps are incorporating Eco modes and buttons into their designs, to give consumers the choice to choose ’green‘. Models like GROHE SmartControl deliver flow rates as little as four litres per minute when the Eco mode is selected whilst the new BladeSpray spray pattern in the Zedra range can reduce water consumption by up to 70%.

GROHE-Essence-Smart Kitchen Design

New home habits will mean upgrading our kitchens
Many will be familiar with the kitchen-cum-home-office that has created an additional dimension and challenge to the kitchen space over recent months. Working from home has been an abrupt behaviour shift for
a large majority of workers which amongst many things, has also impacted eating and drinking habits. Grabbing a quick tea or coffee from the canteen or local coffee shop or keeping hydrated throughout the day via the
chilled water fountain in your office are amenities most no longer have to hand.

As a working from home lifestyle looks set to become an at least semi-permanent change for many, there will likely be increased investment in our living spaces to provide the additional convenience and luxuries we crave from our old office and commuting lifestyles. Products such as kettle hot water taps for instant hot drinks and chilled, filtered and even sparkling water taps for all-day-long hydration will grace more of our kitchens, seeing
a move away from single-use plastics with long-term cost benefits too.

In anticipation of increased interest in its Red, Blue Home, Blue Professional and Blue Pure WaterSystems, GROHE has launched a brand-new cashback promotion for consumers, which commenced 1st September 2020.
A total of 39 different models across the ranges are eligible for a cashback claim of up to £75, with the added benefit of a free gift. Customers purchasing a GROHE Red will receive a GROHE Red thermo flask with tea
strainer; those purchasing the GROHE Blue Pure or Blue Home will receive a GROHE Blue water bottle, whilst those purchasing the GROHE Blue Professional will receive a GROHE Blue carafe and six glasses, perfect for
kitting out a larger household or a commercial space. The new promotion runs until 31st January 2021 with all cashback claims to be made by 28th

Pictured Top: GROHE K700 Undermount kitchen sink in Brushed Cool Sunrise

Pictured Middle: Professional kitchen tap in Cool Sunrise with Black

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