Kitchens Review Franke's Maris Vertical Pro cooker hood

Franke introduces K LINK technology for enhanced convenience

Franke has launched the innovative K LINK technology in its Mythos and Maris induction hobs and hoods, enhancing kitchen efficiency and convenience. This technology, activated by a simple hand gesture, enables selected models to communicate intelligently, automatically adjusting the hood’s suction power based on the cooking level on the hob. This ensures continuous airflow, effectively removing fumes and odours without manual effort.

K LINK technology creates a seamless connection between compatible hobs and hoods, optimising energy use and reducing noise by preventing the hood from running at unnecessarily high levels. Even after the hob is turned off, the hood operates briefly to eliminate any remaining steam and vapours, ensuring a cleaner kitchen environment.

Available in five cooker hoods – the Mythos Vertical Pro, Maris Vertical Pro, Mythos Ceiling, Maris Ceiling, and Maris Drip Free models – K LINK technology caters to various kitchen styles and budgets, offering flexibility for different preferences and layouts.

The compatible induction hobs are the 65cm wide Mythos and Maris models. The Maris Induction Hob features four cooking zones, while the Mythos model offers five, including a central cooking space. Both hobs have two Flexi zones that can merge into a larger zone for convenient use with bigger pots and pans. Additionally, they include a Boost function that provides extra power for up to five minutes. The Mythos Induction Hob also has intuitive touch slider controls for precise adjustments.

Nicola Mazzoli, Head of Global Category Management Appliances, Franke Home Solutions, commented: “We’re extremely proud of the Mythos and Maris Induction Hobs and cooker hoods with K-LINK technology, a great example of how Franke is constantly striving to deliver integrated solutions by creating kitchen appliances that will dialogue with one another for a superior experience in terms of both functionality and comfort. Once again, Franke presents an offering capable of revolutionising the cooking space of any home, reaching another milestone on its mission to achieve the perfect fully integrated kitchen.”  

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