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Gaggenau: Integrated worksurface induction cooktop

Home appliances brand Gaggenau has launched a new cooktop that is seamlessly integrated into the worktop. The Essential Induction cooktop has only three visual elements – the LED ‘dot’, the worktop
surface, and the control knob.

The Essential Induction cooktop integrates exclusively with Dekton stone countertops. The stone worktop surfaces are carbon neutral and available in 60 finishes, designs, colours, and sizes of up to 3200mm x 1440mm. Gaggenau’s distinctive front-mounted control knobs guide users through the cooking process.

Meanwhile, the LED dot, a smart centre light within the cooking zone, shows the user where to place the cookware and warns of residual heat. The red dot vanishes when not in use so that the 12 mm-deep cooktop island is once again a space for the usual uses – food prep, working and socialising.

Gaggenau’s 21cm and 28cm induction modules offer full performance capabilities with 12 power levels, keep warm and boost functions and an illuminated control knob in stainless steel or black.

Removable magnetic surface protectors ensure the safeguarding of existing cookware. Available in four sizes for pans between 10cm and 28cm, these protectors mitigate any noise of the pan moving across the stone surface, safeguard the worktop and also ensure the conductivity of the induction modules. Combining the cooktop with Gaggenau ceiling extractors provides a harmonious kitchen environment, especially for open-plan designs.

“It’s about eliminating the boundaries between preparation and living. It offers the ultimate freedom in kitchen planning, which is a revolutionary concept for designers and planners,” said Sven Baacke, Gaggenau’s head of design.

Dr Peter Goetz, managing director of Gaggenau commented, “Our longstanding commitment to innovation has often changed the dynamic of cooking. From the first integrated, eye-level appliances, to downdraft ventilation and pioneering steam cooking for the private kitchens, our technological advances have always created genuine human benefits.

“Today we champion The Essential Induction cooktop, an innovation that will not only change the way people cook but also how they choose to interact and socialise in the modern, open plan kitchen.”
The Essential Induction cooktop will be available to purchase from May 2024.

The Essential Induction cooktop will be available to purchase from May 2024.

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