Good headset hygiene keeps showrooms COVID safe

Good headset hygiene keeps showrooms COVID safe

Good headset hygiene: Providing peace of mind and reassurance to customers that the showroom experience is Covid-safe will be a huge part of helping restore consumer confidence in the weeks and months ahead.

With virtual reality headsets being simple to wipe clean after every use, Virtual Worlds retailers are able to put their customers’ minds at rest, enabling them to enjoy an immersive design experience in a safe environment as possible. 

Making hygiene a priority the headsets feature a wipeable cushioned face guard, to which adhesive disposable facemasks are then fitted. Virtual Worlds retailers are encouraged to follow some simple yet effective headset hygiene guidelines to reassure customers and provide them with a safe and enjoyable buying experience.

This includes using hand sanitizer before handling the headset and disinfecting with disposable wipes, spraying with scented disinfectant and attaching a fresh hygiene mask for each customer. Once in place, the Virtual Worlds experience is completely hands free, with no controllers, further minimizing points of contact.

“These are all good hygiene protocols to use at any time, but obviously as showrooms re-open to the public following the pandemic it is more important than ever that consumers feel safe and protected,” comments Virtual Worlds Managing Director Nathan Maclean.

“Virtual Worlds virtual reality is still the best selling tool that retailers have at their disposal and will be important in the journey to encouraging traffic back to the showroom.”

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