Hotpoint Dishwashers


Hotpoint dishwashers feature groundbreaking 3D Zone Wash technology, which ensure a 40 per cent increase in cleaning power1. This increased performance completely eliminates the need to pre-wash dishes – saving the average user up to 11,200 litres of water per year2.

Not only does Hotpoint’s 3D Zone Wash increase cleaning power, it also allows the user to take control of the cleaning process and direct water to wash a particular basket. This is a great benefit  for those who regularly operate the dishwasher when it is not fully loaded, and would prefer to use just one loaded basket, reducing resource consumption and running costs in turn.

Hotpoint dishwashers also benefit from Flexiload, which maximises internal flexibility and efficient loading of the dishwasher. Flexiload comprises of folding removable supports for glassware, fully folding plate racks and vertical zones to improve stability while washing of larger items. The height of the top basket can also be adjusted, even when fully loaded, to allow for more space in the top or lower basket when needed.

Thanks to the stainless steel tub, Hotpoint dishwashers also benefit from increased hygiene and durability. The stainless steel resists corrosion and, when compared to a plastic tub, can withstand more heat and absorb noise better to make them quieter.

Jennifer Taylor, Head of Brand, Hotpoint, says: “Hotpoint is committed to developing appliances that ensure efficient resource consumption, to reduce running costs and help the user care for what matters most to them. Hotpoint is proud to offer the consumer a dishwasher that offers flexibility in use, allowing full flexibility and to customise the dishwasher for each wash load making everyday life easier.”

For more information on the range of Hotpoint dishwashers, and any other Hotpoint appliances, please contact your account manager, or visit the website at

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