Reclaimed Wood Design Tps

Incorporating reclaimed wood into your design

An extremely versatile material, reclaimed wood can be used in many areas of the kitchen space – from eye-catching worktops, to feature walls and even on the floor to ensure a cohesive interior scheme; the design possibilities are truly endless.

Reclaimed wood moor Monkton

Leaders in bespoke design, The Main Company explain how they utilise raw materials including reclaimed wood, to create aesthetic yet functional kitchen designs.

For modern homes looking to add character, reclaimed wood is perfect for creating additional texture and depth. From striking cabinetry to wooden floors, by opting for a light wood like reclaimed Pine, homeowners can create a visual impact whilst still retaining the bright and airy feel desired in many modern homes.

reclaimed Wood Alex Barn

Yet, for a stronger, more impactful look opt for a darker species, for example Oak. This works particularly well in farmhouse or country-style homes as the bolder shade of wood will complement exposed brickwork, beams and other traditional features for a classic and cosy interior.

Consumers looking to add a wooden accent can introduce a feature wall to the space with statement cladding to draw in the eye. Alternatively, create contrast by installing an island with a wood worktop. Mixing two raw materials will help to zone the space whilst creating a separation between the food preparation and entertaining areas.

About The Main Company

The Main Company are experts in kitchen design, creating bespoke designs that utilise reclaimed wood in many innovative ways.

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