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Karonia introduces the Unique Collection at kbb

Solid surface specialist Karonia previewed The Unique Collection, a series of marble-inspired worksurfaces, at kbb. The event also marks ten years since the launch of the innovative MISTRAL range of 25mm solid surface worktops at KBB2010. 

The latest developments continue the successful fusion of nature’s beauty and the practicalities of this adaptable man-made material. Bringing together the popular Aria and Moonscape decors with three brand new marble-inspired designs, The Unique Collection takes solid surface to a whole new level.

     ATACALMA takes its inspiration from the vast open desert spaces as a tumbling mist of      fine particles mixes with occasional flashes of white and dark grey.

     RIVER ROCK draws on the contours and textures that flowing waters carve into the      surrounding stone with charcoal swirls highlighted against a white grey base.

     SEASTORM embraces the chaos and majesty of the oceans with a wash of warm greys,      crests of white and dark swirls adding depth to the overall effect.  

The Unique Collection not only provides the colours to inspire the imagination of designers, but also the product sizes to make it easier to bring these ideas to life. The five Unique Collection colours will be available in the following sizes:

                 Worktop                     3010mm x 650mm x 25mm

                 Breakfast bar            2100mm x 940mm x 25mm

                 Sheet                          3010mm x 760mm x 12mm

                 Upstand                     3010mm x 100mm x 12mm

Solid Surface Sea Storm
SEASTORM, one of three new marble-inspired designs in The Unique Collection from Karonia.

Andrew Pickup, Karonia director, comments “Following the success of Aria and Moonscape it’s clear we are on the right track with regard to product design. Taking inspiration from numerous natural sources, we seek to create a solid surface interpretation that crucially retains the versatility and ease of working of our MISTRAL material. This approach has helped us to broaden the scope of our development resulting in the creation of decors that are exciting and original.”  

Following the preview of The Unique Collection at kbb, samples and marketing materials will be available from early April prior to the official launch on 11 May.

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Pictured Top: RIVER ROCK, one of three new marble-inspired designs in The Unique Collection from Karonia

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