Keller Kitchens Colourful kitchens

Keller Kitchens: Are colourful kitchens coming home?

White and grey will always be popular but Tim Spann of Keller Kitchens discusses how colour is making an impression in the heart of the home

Tim Spann

KR: What are the current colour trends?

TS: Pastel colours are appearing – again! We are seeing pale pinks and blues, soft greens and blue greys. Also, given evolving trends and consumer confidence, bold mustards, reds and blues are here to stay for now

KR: There has been a rise in bolder colours recently – have you noticed this?

TS: More time in the home, during the pandemic, has given consumers more inspiration to inject interiors with a splash of something bold. Designers have pushed the bold options with a little more conviction too

KR: Do you think that bold colours will overtake white or light grey kitchens or appliances?

TS: Bold colours are an acquired taste! The same can be said in the automotive or fashion industries. Pastels will start to eke into white and grey and, regarding appliances, they need to blend in or shout

KR: How can designers use worktops and splashbacks in a colourful design?

TS: The choice of materials and finishes has never been greater. There are good design arguments for the extremes and both complements and contrasts can work. The designer can dare to be bold with materials as there are some superb sustainable options for the environmentally-conscious. “Safe” used to be to choose similar colours for tops and floors but, with the creative use of wrapping worktop materials to the floor, contrast is needed in those cases. Choice of tops and splashbacks must enhance the overall scheme and not clash

KR: Colourful appliances are increasing in popularity – are they a good idea in the long run in a design scheme?

TS: Homeowners and retailers should consider small appliances for the splash of colour rather than going all out. Coordinated accents will tie the look together and add credence to the design

KR: How can designers use more neutral elements – like white sinks, black taps or natural worktops – in a colourful design?

TS: Neutral and subdued tones can deliver a sophisticated ambience. These neutrals can be the foundation of the interior design from which to build. Tones and textures can provide an ideal backdrop to colour pop or accentuation.

As always, Keller Kitchens offers complete versatility with over 1950 NCS colours to choose from in a wide array of finishes. This makes it possible for every homeowner to incorporate elements of this kitchen set in a way that suits their style.

Keller Kitchens is proud to be a Carbon Neutral kitchen manufacturer and has been since 2017.

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