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New Collection from Otto Tiles & Design

With ancient origins and seemingly endless possibilities, mosaic holds a special place in the hearts of designers. The style offers an opportunity to bring intricate detail and a timeless aesthetic to any space. A handcrafted mosaic can transport one into a new world, and according to artisan tile studio Otto Tiles & Design, its new marble mosaic collection does just that. 

As its new collection is released, Otto Tiles & Design takes us behind the scenes. Its hand-cut marble mosaic tiles are produced via a labour-intensive process that requires skill, precision, and attention to detail. Their artwork through tiles serves more than an aesthetic purpose; it tells a story stone by stone.

A historic form of art going as far back as the third millennium BC, the mosaic has now been propelled into the contemporary interior landscape. Otto’s range moves away from monochrome minimalism and towards more decorative styles with injections of texture, colour and craftsmanship.

The type of marble chosen can vary in colour, veining, and texture, allowing for various design possibilities. Otto artisans and designers then create a detailed design or pattern for the mosaic. This design serves as a blueprint for the placement of each marble tile. The layout is critical to ensuring the final mosaic is visually appealing and symmetrical.  After this, the marble is cut, and this is where Otto says its craftsmanship truly shines. Each marble tile is hand-cut into small, precise pieces using specialised tools.

Once the marble pieces are cut, they are carefully set on a mesh surface, often using a temporary adhesive or mesh backing. Otto’s artisan then follows the design layout, placing each piece in its designated position. This step requires great patience and precision to ensure the tiles fit perfectly together. Before the mosaic is complete, it undergoes a thorough quality control inspection, checking for imperfections, misalignments, or inconsistencies in the design, ensuring that the final product meets the highest standards of Otto Tiles & Design’s craftsmanship.

The outcome? A mixture of formats, colours, and finishes that can radically transform any surface. 

Damla Turgut, Founder of Otto Tiles & Design, says, “The disco ball is well on its way to making a comeback, and if its reemergence in interiors proves anything, it’s the magic of mosaic tile. Whether you’re looking to add colour to an outdoor living space or texture to a bathroom, a mosaic can easily step in to transform an area into something dynamic, dramatic, worldly and playful without being overly busy. Hand-cut marble mosaic tiles have a long and storied history dating back to ancient civilisations. Their enduring popularity is a testament to their creation’s timeless beauty and craftsmanship. Whether used in classical or contemporary settings, marble mosaics continue to captivate with their intricate patterns and artistic expression.”

The Marble Mosaic Collection is suitable for use on walls and floors. The collection is made to order or available to preview at Otto Tiles & Design’s showroom in London, Hackney and also online at

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