Simon Acres Group reduces emissons

Simon Acres Group reduces travel carbon emissions by 40%

The Simon Acres Group has introduced a cycle to work scheme for its staff that encourages and supports those that wish to cycle to work.  Eight of the 20 staff have signed up for the scheme which will reduce their travel carbon footprint by 40%. 

The Cyclescheme is a government initiative, an employee benefit that saves 25-39% on the purchase of a bike and accessories.  The scheme is easy to operate as the staff member taking up the benefit pays nothing upfront, with the payments taken tax efficiently from their salary by the employer, over 12 monthly instalments.  They just need to order the new bike and Simon Acres Group pays the invoice.

Facilities have also been provided at the Simon Acres Group office, such as bike racks and showers to make it easy for staff to make the switch and cycle into work.

Director of Services Jordan Burns says, “We are delighted to offer this scheme, not only will we be reducing our collective carbon footprint, but our staff will be healthier, fitter and happier too.”

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