Blanco Silgranit sink

Super cool SILGRANIT® sink from BLANCO

Do I need to take special care of my Silgranit® sink now that I have a boiling hot water tap?

Simply; Silgranit isn’t fazed by any high temperatures, including that of a 100-degree hot water tap! The durable composite material, which is made from 80% granite, is built to withstand the elements – it is scratch-, heat-, impact-, light-, and acid-resistant.

Here are BLANCO’s top tips on using a hot tap.

  • Always place a pot or cup below the tap before activating the boiling water and turn it off in good time to avoid spills or backsplash.
  • Remember that the spout might be hot after running boiling water – we advise running some cold water before touching it. This is an extra safety precaution.
  • Move the spout of the tap to different positions to ensure that the boiling water doesn’t hit the same spot on the sink or place a cloth on the bottom to avoid subjecting one point of the surface to too much boiling water.

There is a multitude of sinks available in Silgranit in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each is available in a range of colours; and some colours have matching mixer taps for a truly coordinated look. Colours are Anthracite, Rock Grey, Alumetallic, Pearl Grey, White, Coffee, Tartufo, Jasmin, Concrete-style and the on-trend Black.

For further information on BLANCO UK, please call 01923 635 200 or visit

Pictured is the EVOL-S Pro Hot and Filter smart tap and a Black Silgranit® sink.

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