Abstract collection

Superfront launches the Abstract Collection

Inspired by abstract art, Superfront is launching a new collection of sideboard doors, aptly named the Abstract Collection.

“We both really like this kind of soft, organic shapes – so we wanted to develop a sideboard collection with a design of this nature. Bringing organic elements into a home adds a warm and artistic atmosphere that we really like”, says Monica Born.

Mick Born adds: “We were inspired by artists such as Jean Arp, Alexander Calder and Barbara Hepworth whose work often consists of one or several organic shapes that bring associations to nature. I think the connection to nature is why organic design elements often feel so timeless – it simply alludes to something that has been around since time immemorial and therefore feels stylistically natural.”

The Abstract Collection is adapted for the 64 cm high Ikea Bestå frames and will be available at Superfront.com from January 2022.

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