Whirlpool CleanProtect

Whirlpool announces all-new CleanProtect Induction Hob

Home appliance brand Whirlpool has launched the new induction hob with CleanProtect, equipped with an innovative nano-coating that makes it easier than ever to clean.

CleanProtect eliminates the need for chemicals, meaning you can effortlessly clean using just water. The coating protects the hob from tough stains and halos for long-lasting shine. Featuring Whirlpool’s renowned 6TH SENSE technology, the new hob allows you to prioritise what matters most with intuitive automatic cooking for outstanding results time after time. 

Wipe away the stress of cleaning

The patented CleanProtect technology invisibly shields the hob’s surface to retain its appearance, so you stay life-focused and cook without worrying about your hob being ruined by the pale halos that develop over time from hot pans. The nano-coating treatmentalso ensures the hob keeps a shiny finish over time without the need for aggressive tools or detergents. Making sustainable care truly straightforward, you can save up to ​​£66[2] on cleaning products and degreasers every year.  

Flexible cooking space

Providingan ideal cooking space, designed to fit pans of any size, each zone can be used separately or vertically linked together with FlexiSide. Thanks to ChefControl, you can also effortlessly switch from a high to low temperature with a simple slide of a pan, so your dishes can continue cooking at different temperatures.

Auto functions for a perfect result every time

Powered by Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE technology, the new hob offers pre-set cooking functions for an effortless culinary experience. With four auto functionsfor melting, boiling, simmering and keeping warm, simply select your preferred method and the purposeful technology adapts the power level, so you don’t have to watch the pan or adjust the temperature.

 Georgina Daly, brand executive for Whirlpool comments “Having a clean home can really benefit your wellbeing, but cleaning can sometimes seem daunting, especially in the kitchen where hobs can become spoiled by burnt food or stained with permanent halo marks. CleanProtect is designed to reduce stress and discomfort, by minimising the effort, strain and financial investment that we spend on our daily kitchen cleaning. Cooking at home has never been more intuitive and this purposeful technology helps improve life at home, every day.” 

Fast, efficient and intuitive cooking

Induction technology heats the pan, not the hob, reducing energy dispersion by 10%, and gives you an intuitive cooking experience for superior results.

Pricing and availability  

The Whirlpool CleanProtect hob is available in a 60cm option from selected retailers in the UK today.  For a full list of retailers visit Whirlpool.co.uk. 

 WF S3660 CPNE 60cm from £479.99  

 On average, households purchase a kitchen cleaning spray every 6 weeks, totaling 8 bottles a year. Savings calculated in a period of 1 year, considering 8 bottles a year of CIF Power & Shine Kitchen Spray (£2.85 – 700ML), and 6 bottles a year of CIF Pro Formula Power Kitchen Degreaser (£7.20 – 750ML)

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