Bag in Box Wine Corner BIB

Wine Corner Bag in Box

Wine Corner Bag in Box (BIB) Refrigerated Dispensers are perfect for keeping bag in a box wine at the optimum temperature for up to 20 days.

One of the main benefits of Bag-in-Box wines, is the hygienic dispensing and post serve self-seal arrangement which radically reduces the possibility of corked or oxidised wine.

Bulk  purchase of quality wine, ‘BIB’ style, makes sound business sense, but not if it spoils, causes customer complaints, wastage and damage to your reputation. It’s therefore wise to play it safe, and protect your bag-in-box wine by investing in premium quality refrigerated dispensers.

BIB Bag in Box Wine Corner Wine Dispenser

Commercial and environmental factors are driving the ever-increasing usage of bag-in-box wine.  In response to this, Italian wine storage wine storage specialist IP Industries has designed 4 refrigerated dispensers to accommodate the needs of both the hospitality industry and the home.

Like most other catering appliances, their size and design means they are portable when empty.  They simply plug into a regular mains supply, satisfying the needs of restaurants, mobile caters, bars and private clients.

Standard Features:

  • dispenser for glass, carafe, pitcher, decanter
  • uses 3, 5 and 10 litre wine bags, and 1.5 & 3 litre pouch up bags
  • suitable for wine, juice, tea, coffee, water, cocktail and more
  • instant refrigeration
  • vacuum pump system
  • dispenser prevents oxidation
  • no installation required, plug in to mains supply
  • nitrogen gas free
  • silent operation
  • maintenance free
  • easy to clean
  • temperature control: from 6° to 18° C
  • counter top use
  • weight: 9 kg
  • dimensions: H 300mm x W 200mm  x D 330mm
  • patent pending

Optional Features

  • automatic pour measuring : 4 custom presets
  • RFID system for product identification and control

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