Grohe Workstation Sinks

Workstation sinks: The modern kitchen’s workhorse

Homeowners are increasingly seeking to kit their kitchens with high-quality materials, multifunctional appliances, and statement fittings inspired by professionals, catering to their evolving needs and desires within the kitchen space while boasting luxurious aesthetics. Within this ‘semi-professional’ kitchen landscape, the work-station sink has propelled in popularity and is fast becoming a modern-day kitchen must have.

Ronke Ugbaja, leader, product management, LIXIL EMENA & GROHE UK comments “As the boundaries between living and functional spaces blur, highly curated fittings are transforming once practical items into decorative features and focal points within the home. The increase in popularity of both open and broken plan living spaces has driven the desire to make the aesthetic of one zone flow seamlessly to the next, bringing an array of new shapes, colours and finishes that provide both style and substance.”

Within a workstation sink set-up, human-centric and ergonomic design is key for maximum output, and there’s many innovative designs available to enhance convenience and functionality within any kitchen.

What is a workstation sink?

We’ve seen the kitchen sink transition from a simple, functional fitting to an integral part of not only the kitchen but also of the home. Within this transition, the workstation sink as evolved from increased footprint and personalised bowl configurations to having multiple accessories and features that all play a part in creating the best in functionality and convenience.

A workstation sink creates a dedicated prep-zone and workstation around the sink area, utilising the space efficiently for enhanced productivity.

We’ve most recently seen workstation sinks in a sleek, minimalist design, often in stainless steel. Other common features are chopping boards that sit over the sink to enhance functionality, sink configurations of 1.5 or 2 bowls as well as taps that provide additional features, such as pull-out hoses and multiple spray options.

How to curate the ideal workstation sink

Within a workstation sink set-up, human-centric and ergonomic design is key for maximum output, and there’s many innovative designs available to enhance convenience and functionality within any kitchen.
Firstly, if the kitchen design will allow it, opting for a 1.5 or 2 bowl sink is always a great way to get more out of the kitchen space. Creating that additional space around the sink area will support in hygienic food preparation and make cleaning and organisation easier. With individual needs in mind, be sure to consider the sink configuration, for example if a drainer is required and if it sits on either the left or right-hand side of the sink.

Multi-functional and smart taps are another great addition to create the ultimate workstation sink. With tap models available delivering kettle-hot water, filtered, and even chilled and sparkling water on demand, multi-functional taps are an ideal kitchen investment for convenience and space saving.
Other tap innovations include GROHE’s SmartControl Dual Spray which allows for hands-free control thanks to its innovative push-button function, which is perfect for when hands are full. Users can simply push the button with their elbow or wrist to the run the water, making quick work of washing up and keeping hygiene a priority. By pressing the spray button, users can also easily switch between the shower or laminar spray, while the pull-out spout ensures optimal access to every corner of the sink.
Elsewhere, homeowners can enhance their existing sink with purpose-made sink accessories for greater convenience. These accessories can easily be placed on top of the sink, saving space, and turning any sink into an ideal prep station, from chopping boards, draining boards, to soap dispensers, and multifunctional colanders.

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