BMA Conference sustainability

BMA Industry Conference to focus on sustainability

The BMA Industry Conference which has been rearranged to 8 June 2021 will take place at Carden Park, Cheshire and focus on the topic of ‘sustainability in the sector’.

The event will feature four world-class speakers and an interactive debate which will see panellists and the audience discuss whether, with the backdrop of change, the traditional merchant model is a sustainable route to market.

Dr Chadden Hunter is the latest speaker to be confirmed. Chadden, an Australian wildlife biologist and filmmaker who has spent a lifetime recording everything from tribes in Africa to snow leopards in Pakistan. His work with Sir David Attenborough includes Emmy and Bafta award-winning series such as Planet Earth 1 & 2, Frozen Planet and most recently Seven Worlds One Planet.

Chadden will share inspirational stories of resilience, leadership and teamwork from the wildest corners of the planet and also discuss the impact that the human race is having on the earth.

To register your interest and secure a place at the BMA Industry Conference, visit our dedicated booking form:

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