CA’ Pietra Stucco brings plaster to walls & floors in tile form

Plaster is big news in interiors. It’s a trend that is going nowhere, but neither is it staying totally still.  Plaster adds warmth and texture to homes, making walls feel almost alive. 

Taking this trend and doing what they do best, Ca’ Pietra has created the Stucco Collection. A porcelain tile that gives retailers the look of plaster effect, but for less, it’s available in seven warm tones that add to the tile’s velvety nature.  

Grazzie Wilson, Head of Creative at Ca’ Pietra, said of the collection, “It began with smooth and silky Moroccan Tadelakt plaster, and now we’re seeing more visually textured finishes coming in strong from the raw and grainy feeling micro-cement to the velvety limewash look to this, stucco-style. Our new Stucco tiles are, as you might expect, inspired by classic Stucco cement-style character. From a distance, you can see the slightly mottling to the colour, giving visual texture and subtle depth to a room. They’re the sort of tiles you want to run your hands over no matter where you use them”.

Retailers are offered a diverse palette of colours to select from, including ivory, tan, red, amber, green, blue, and mustard. They can either immerse their projects entirely in a single Stucco shade or opt for a more dynamic approach by combining two hues to create a captivating chequerboard effect. This comprehensive range of options empowers retailers to cater to various preferences and design aspirations, ensuring that each project is infused with individuality and style.

With a slip rating of R10, they make a great addition to bathrooms as the texture of the tile helps to provide grip and they can be used with underfloor heating. 

Size 60cm x 60cm x 1cm

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