Franke Active Tap Range

Franke’s new Active Tap range delivers a sustainable option for the kitchen

According to Franke, its new Active Tap range answers the call for sustainable products within the kitchen and has been designed to save water, energy and money.

Featuring a new ECO-Cartridge, the new Active Tap range reduces water usage by as much as 50%. It features a two-step tap lever which, with an initial movement, opens 50% of the way to deliver sufficient water with enough pressure to suit most tasks such as handwashing, filling the kettle or washing the dishes. In addition, a temperature limiter, operated by turning the ring nut inside of the handle, allows users to reduce the amount of hot water used saving both energy and money.

The range also features a dual spray option for improved performance, delivering a more powerful stream via a needle spray. The water stream can reach every part of the sink, meaning cleaning is made much easier. A laminar aerator fitted in the spout ensures the Active Taps delivers a crystal clear, non-splashing water stream, with very little noise.

Available in J-Spout and L-Spout designs, pull-out spray and swivel spout options and three stylish decors in Chrome, Matt Black and Decor Steel, the Active tap is suitable for high pressure systems and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Further information is available from: 0161 436 6280 or

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