Røros Metall

Røros Metall is now available in CET Kitchen & Bath

Configura has announced its CET Kitchen & Bath is now available for use with Røros Metall’s kitchen hoods in their drawings.

Norway-based Røros Metall is the manufacturer of ventilation products, eco-certified kitchen hoods and refrigerated units. Røros Metall’s kitchen hoods are tailored to the millimeter, allowing for a functional design that sets the right atmosphere and ensures clean air in the home. Its kitchen hoods are offered in eight different metals, 84 varieties and 16,000 colors.

Configura’s software, CET Kitchen & Bath, brings kitchen specialists, salespeople and businesses into one software to design, specify and visualize products for kitchens and bathrooms using real product data and pricing. The software makes it easy for kitchen specialists to specify products with many options without being a product expert and for manufacturers to go to market quickly with new products.

“It was a natural fit to choose Configura because our customers Marbodal and Norema have both used CET for many years to design and specify kitchens,” Røros Metall’s Sales Manager Are Jæger Bentzen said. “Our handmade kitchen hoods are custom-fit products so it was important for us to have a tool that makes specifying these products as accurate as possible. CET was the tool we needed to do exactly that.”

Manufacturers of kitchen products sell through CET by creating an Extension, which is like a catalog. Extensions are an addition to CET that contain all of the specifications and data for a given product. Røros Metall’s Extension is available for any user and can be purchased via Configura’s Marketplace.

“We are happy to welcome Røros Metall to our growing CET community and to offer a solution that makes it easy to specify their products,” Configura’s Global Head of Kitchen & Bath Brooke Snow said. “CET Kitchen & Bath excels at designing and specifying products that require precise measurements. The tool eliminates the need to be a product expert, so the designer or kitchen specialist can focus on what they do best – bringing their client’s dream kitchen to life.”

Configura’s software, including CET, is used by thousands of people worldwide including designers, salespeople, engineers, kitchen specialists, dealerships and manufacturers. Configura has revolutionized the way office furniture is sold in North America and is now gaining momentum in Europe’s commercial interiors industry as well as other industries including kitchen and bath and material handling. More than 100 manufacturers around the world – including Marbodal, Kvik, Nobia, Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Sunon, Kvik, NEDCON and Dematic – use CET to sell their products.

Learn more at www.configura.com.

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